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Bush’s Missile Folly Results In Russian Missile Folly

The decision by President Bush to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic was based on a strange assumption that the installation of the missiles was vital to the defense of Europe against attacks from Iran and North Korea. Of course, no one in Russia accepted such a weird idea and the result is determination on the part of Russia to retaliate against the Americans. Col. General Nikolai Solotsov said his nation might decide to aim its intercontinental ballistic missiles at the newly constructed bases. He said these facilities could be “designated as targets for our ICBMs.” Moscow believes the missile bases constitute a threat to their nation’s security since it is obvious they have nothing to do with Iran or North Korea.

Perhaps, George Bush can offer the world proof the missile bases actually are there to protect Europe against Iranian and North Korean missiles. Of course, before offering this data, he initially must explain why North Korea or Iran would seek to attack Europe? Bush’s policy was rash, it was unnecessary, and it was provocative towards Russia.

Czech President Claims Radar Screen Not Aimed At Russia

President Vaclav Klaus told a Czech radio interview he just does not understand why Russia believes constructing a missile base in Poland or radar stations in the Czech Republic have some connection with their security. “Russians do not believe our assurance, they do not believe what President Bush and others say. They just look at where the radar aims and they can see it is aimed at their territory. We have simply failed to explain to them that we do not view it as an operation aimed at them.” However, he did admit it might be a tad difficult finding arguments to Russian questions whether the possible North Korean missiles would fly to thee United States across the whole of Russia, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean or across the Pacific.

If President Klaus actually believes the missile base and radar stations are aimed at North Korean missiles perhaps he could explain why North Korea has agreed to inspection of its nuclear facilities. Or, if he actually believes Iran would fire missiles at Europe then he undoubtedly is an individual who would probably invest money in the Nigerian swindle scheme about money in South African banks. Why would a nation send missiles west when it would be much easier and quicker sending them east?

President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin may not be the two most intelligent people in the world but they are not dumb enough to believe this hogwash. By the way, recent polls indicate two-thirds of the Czech Republic population opposes the radar stations. Perhaps, President Klaus might spend some time trying to convince his own people that his nutty ideas make sense.

Medvedev Blasts US Missile Plans

President Dmitry Medvedev came out swinging against the Bush plan to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic to in order to protect Europe against potential Iranian missiles. Medvedev made clear he regards such installations as disrupting the peace of Europe and serve no purpose other than allowing Bush to once again boast of his toughness. ”
This common(security) heritage cannot survive if one of the sides selectively destroys isolated elements of the strategic construction. this doesn’t satisfy us.”

The Medvedev comments come after the United States and Britain sharply criticized him for allegedly going back on promises made at the G8 summit to support action against the brutal Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Medvedev had to admit four Russian planes had wandered into Georgia where a civil war is raging.

The bottom line is no threat exists to Europe or the United States from Iranian missiles. Why would Iran launch a missile attack on Europe knowing full well both France and the United Kingdom have nuclear missile submarines that could easily destroy most Iranian cities? George Bush has once again created a problem where none exists. The likelihood of Iran firing such missiles is as probable as Bush finding his famous WMD.

Medvedev Of Two Minds At G-8 Summit Meeting

President Dimitry Medvedev is still struggling to define himself and his role in the aftermath of assuming power from former president Putin who now serves as his prime minister. Medvedev was upset at the American decision to proceed with its missile shield agreement that allows it to place missiles on the soil of the Czech Republic. “This does not suit us,” said the president. “And while we, of course, won’t stir up any kind of hysteria, we will consider concrete steps.” He regards the missiles as a deliberately provocative action by the United States against a nation which has not displayed any aggressive attitude, and dismisses as ridiculous US claims the missiles are directed against “rogue states” like Iran.

On the issue of sanctions against Zimbabwe, President Medvedev displayed his ambiguity of feelings. He feels reluctant to condemn a fraudulent election since western nations made comments about the honesty of his own election, but he also was confronted by horrific pictures that displayed the brutality of the Mugabe government. Medvedev finally agreed to support the statement warning of possible financial sanctions. He allegedly caved in after Prime Minister Gordon Brown showed him pictures of burned and mutilated bodies of those who opposed the Mugabe government.

Bush Weapons Of Mass Destruction Finally Identified!

The world has long awaited to know what President Bush meant when he claimed there were weapons of mass destruction that could create chaos in the world. In his obsession for WMD, the president has exerted pressure upon the Czech Republic and Poland to allow the United States to place its own WMD on their soil ostensibly designed to ward off missiles from rogue nations such as Iran(originally North Korea was mentioned but that nation has agreed to cooperate). The Russian government has been justifiably infuriated at the prospect of missile bases on its border aimed at non-existent threats. Its Foreign Ministry issued a statement that if plans proceed for the installation of such weapons in Poland or the Czech Republic, “we will be forced to react not with diplomatic but with military-technical methods.”

In February, Prime Minister Putin(then president) warned the presence of such missiles would result in deployment of Russian missiles to the Baltic Sea area and they would be aimed at Poland and the Czech Republic.

There is no threat of Iran firing missiles at Europe. George Bush once again has created a problem that does not exist in order to demonstrate his bravado and ineptness as a leader. The unanswered question is why does the European Union support such a ridiculous idea. Russia has every right to be upset. One can only wonder at a Bush response to missiles being placed in Mexico against possible Iranian missiles!

Scandal Brews In Czech Republic Party

A scandal is brewing in the Czech Republic following reports the Social Democratic Party has been monitoring the phone calls and communications made by members of the party who serve in parliament. An unnamed deputy commented: “They keep files, monitor telephone calls and try to stay ready.” It is apparent from the reports made by members of the party that leadership seeks to keep a tight control over members in order to ensure their parliamentary proposals get pushed through. Miroslav Siout, who holds a key position as adviser to top leadership, admits “during the presidential campaign a few deputies told me they had been called to CSSD headquarters where they were questioned about telephone calls they had made.”

The outside world always hoped that when nations which had suffered under control by the Soviet Union finally got their freedom they would become models of democracy. No such occurrence has ever taken place. East European nations are just like any others in the world– filled with politicians seeking power.

Wild West Comes To Czech Republic

They dress in western outfits that were common in the 19th century America that is known as the wild west. The men and women have holsters on which six guns are ready to be fired, and their cowboy hats are worn in a manner revealing the cowboy and cowgirl nature of the enterprise. It is the Cowboy Action Shooting group which has caught on with a segment of the Czech Republic public that is fascinated with stories of the old west in America. The weekend event is party re-enactment of a shooting event and part wearing clothes from another time and place. Each person goes through a sequence of firing their revolver or Winchester at a set of targets and scores are added up to discover who was Marshall Earp this weekend. Josef Minhula, a truck driver says, “I’m very happy to be in this group. I like the romance and the atmosphere.”

Europeans have long enjoyed a fascination with the American West and the novels of German author Carl May were extensively popular in the early 1900s. I wonder if these enthusiasts would enjoy a walk on the wild side of some urban shoot-outs in modern America.

Right Wing Thugs Threaten Czech Romas

The prejudice facing Romas in the Czech Republic was highlighted by recent events in the town of Karlov Vay where paramilitary members of the “National Guard” decided to station themselves outside of an elementary school in order to “protect” children from Romas who were living in a nearby dormitory. The children were promised escorts to and from school. Roma parents threatened to take their children out of school due to fear of their being hurt. A Roma student, Risa Stavansky, and his two friends were threatened by one of these “guards” who took out a switchblade. The police said they had personnel in the area and the mayor of the town said he would be “glad to hear their side” of the dispute, and by, “their,” he referred to the thugs.

No school anywhere in the world needs “guards” if the local police are doing their job. It is clear officials in this community are not doing their jobs as guardians of law and order. A mayor does not talk with thugs to “hear their side.” By the way, is he making any effort to hear the side of Roma parents?

Roma Czechs Head West To Canada

Last year marked a dramatic increase in Roma Czechs leaving their nation in order to migrate to Canada in search of a nation which respects the rights of Romas. About 367 left in 2007 in contrast to only 130 who had migrated in the previous six years. Max Berger, a Toronto lawyer who works with Roma immigrants, says “they tell me it’s because of beatings and harassments by Skinheads and Neo-Nazis.” Paul St. Clair of Toronto’s Roma Center supports that view. He learned from Roma immigrants that “seven pregnant women were beaten and kicked in the stomach by Skinheads. Four can no longer conceive.” He repeatedly heard from men of their difficulty in securing work in the Czech Republic and employers even told Romas to their faces, “we don’t hire Romas.”

The Czech Republic was among the first victims of Nazi Germany and sixty years later Czech citizens who are members of the National Guard organization march through the streets chanting “The Czech Republic is for white people.” Romas report they have encountered prejudice in Canada but unlike Czech police, the Canadian police are quick to put a halt to attacks on Romas and there are laws against spreading hate.

There is sadness witnessing a people who were subject to incredible hatred allowing hatred to flourish in their society.

Czech Republic Protests Against Bush Plan Grows

The plan of President Bush to establish supposed anti-missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic have not only antagonized Russia, but drawn strong opposition from within the Czech community. There weeks after launching an internationally publicized hunger strike in protest against the bases, Jan Tomas and Jan Bednar are now organizing a national movement to urge the Czech parliament to vote down the government’s proposal to allow missile bases on their territory. In an indication there was division within the government about the bases, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg met with the dissidents.

President Vaclav Klaus supports the proposed bases but even he admits there is strong opposition to the idea within parliament. Opposition is very strong in areas where the base will be built since many fear angering their Russian neighbors for no apparent justifiable reason.

Hopefully, a new president in January would make among his initial actions the decision to suspend construction of bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. That would send a message of conciliation to President Medvedev of Russia and hopefully open the door to greater cooperation between the nations of Russia and the United States.