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Indonesian Magazine Accused Of Blasphemy

The Indonesian magazine, Tempo, is in hot water with some Christian youth for its latest cover. The Alliance of Christian Students claims Tempo is guilty of blasphemy and wants the government to prosecute it under Article 156 of the Criminal Code which makes criminal public defamation, hostility and hatred toward religions. The cover draws upon Leonardo de Vinci’s “The Last Supper” only it now depicts the former Indonesian ruler Soeharto eating supper with his four children. This is another of those examples of people getting hot under te collar over nothing. There is no visual or written evidence of anything anti-Christian, but, apparently, the students believe using a famous portrait for your own satirical purposes somehow constitutes being blasphemous. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church accepted the magazine’s apology and considers the entire matter much ado about nothing.

I would imagine the only person who has a complaint in the matter is Leonardo da Vinci and he’s dead. Perhaps, that is the best solution, let it lie and die.