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Texas Takes Stand On Baggy Pants!

The United States is experiencing a severe economic crisis, its soldiers are risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but to a Texas council man, those who are concerned about such minor issues are missing the big picture– baggy pants!. The state of Texas has given America some of the most incompetent political leaders in history, but the work of Dallas councilman Dwaine Caraway must rank among the top idiot ideas of the year. As part of his campaign to liberate America from evil, he held a summit meeting this weekend which included police, parents, teenagers, and ministers among those attending in order to check into the growing problem to American society of baggy pants being worn by young people. Caraway is concerned that young children, including babies, might be exposed to seeing the dirty boxer shorts or even backsides of boys while out on a pleasant stroll through the beautiful peaceful streets of Dallas.

Mr. Caraway should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize because he has forced the good people of Dallas to cease gazing at news stories dealing with violence, now they look down at the backside of youth. There is an unreported story that Sarah Palin says while engaged in gazing across the Bering Straits to Russia, she occasionally gazes south and has seen the backside of a Dallas boy!