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Canadian Love Affair Ends Loveless

He was a general, she was a corporal attached to his command. Ah, the rules and regulations of warfare never recognize the possibility that a man and a woman, or a man and a man, might gaze into one another’s eyes one moment and discover passion. Yes, it is against the rule to shack up with one another if one is a superior officer to the other. Yes, the world might collapse and discipline disappear if two humans jointly shared a desire to have sex with one another. Canadian General Daniel Menard is headed back to Ottawa to face a grim experience with his superiors once they learned a corporal on his staff mentioned to a friend that she had bedded the general. Menard has been relieved of his command due to “inappropriate behavior,” and undoubtedly will face some form of disciplinary action.

Unfortunately, for the general, his wife also serves with the Canadian armed forces and she will also be greeting her hubby, the man who allowed a penis to destroy a military career. Frankly, when two people consensually decide to bed with one another, let it be and get on with the world.