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Cartoon Wars Resume In Indonesia

There is a section of the Muslim community in this world which devotes its days to prayer and contemplation about who is drawing cartoons that depict the Prophet Mohammad. It is quite clear the Prophet Mohammad spend a great deal of his time worrying about the crime of drawing cartoons. There are even incidents during battles against Christian forces in which the Muslim army halted, inspected cartoons drawn by their enemy, and then aroused by a fury of anger, swept through the enemy and burned every darn cartoon they could find. The Danish intelligence agency, PET send operatives to Indonesia in order to question terrorist leader Abdullah Sonata concerning his plans to blow up the Danish embassy in Jakarta in retaliation for the printing of cartoons several years ago.

In life, one should have causes to fight for and die for, so what better cause than the drawing of cartoons. OK, so millions of Muslims lack food or live in countries governed by corrupt leaders, so what! The only way to give their lives meaning is to kill each and every last cartoonist who dared to print a cartoon which depicted the Prophet Mohammad.

Jordan Joins Silliness Of Danish Cartoonist Bans

Eleven Danish newspaper reporters, cartoonists and editors have been summoned to appear in a court in Jordan on charges they violated the nation’s laws by ridiculing the Prophet. Jordan in 2006 passed a law, the Jordan Justice Act, which allows the public prosecutor to indict people living in another country who violated the laws of Jordan. The eleven have been charged with blasphemy and engaging in threats against the security and peace of Jordan. A group, “The Prophet Unites Us” which contains members of several Jordanian media organizations is supporting this effort to stifle freedom of speech. If the eleven fail to appear in court, the public prosecutor can contact Interpol and send a warrant for their arrest.

The Danes have not violated any laws in Denmark and are free from being charged with anything unless they wander into Jordan. If other nations accept the Jordan principle that anyone anywhere can be charged with a crime against Jordan then it could result in the King of Jordan being summoned to appear in a Danish court on charges of brutality to prisoners and denying free speech.

Bin Laden Warns European Union About Dane Cartoons

Hiding somewhere in the mountains around the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden lashed out at the European Union and warned its leaders that terrible punishment awaited those who supported publication of the infamous Danish cartoons. “Your publications of these drawings-part of a new crusade in which the Pope of the Vatican had a significant role- is a confirmation from you that the war continues” he said in a mesage specifically addessed to “those who are wise at the European Union.” He insisted the cartoons were an example of “testing Muslims” and “the answeer will be what you shall see and not what you shall hear. May our mothers lose us to death if we did not rise in defence of the messenger of God.”

The al-Qaeda leader apparently regards publicaiton of the cartoons as a graver offence than “bombing of modest villages” that resulted in the deah of women and children. Perhaps, in those lonely nights since the cartoons appeared there were heated discussions around camp fires about the retaliation that must be accomplished for placing cartoons in a newspaper. One can only wonder how the villagers who lost relatives feel about Osama’s comment the deaths suffered were of lesser concern than publication of some silly cartoons.

Poverty, Hunger, War, Heck, It’s Cartoons That Counts!

War in Iraq, violence in Afghanistan, fighting in Gaza, beheadings in Saudi Arabia, but for some Muslims, the key issue centers around publication of some silly cartoons they consider offensive to the Prophet Muhammad. The largest demonstration against the cartoons was held in the Sudan capital of Khartoum, home of a government which has killed over 200,000 people and raped thousands of women. President Omar Bashir told the crowd that “not a single Danish foot will from now on desecrate the land of Sudan.” Of course, the despicable Danish are supplying Sudan with $26 million annually that will grow to $100 million in 2009 for use in humanitarian issues. Of course, the humanitarian crisis in Darfur was created by the man who doesn’t want Danes in his nation.

Pakistan, Jordan, and other Muslim nations passed resolutions, held demonstrations, called for boycotts, and acted as though this issue was among the important ones in the Muslim world. All they have to do is look around at violence, death, disease, and hate for evidence there are more important issues for their nations than worrying about a cartoon. Ironically, publication of the Danish cartoons has done more to damage the Islamic world than any boycott can ever accomplish.