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Danish Christian Group Behaves UnChristian

A former member of a prominent religious group, Faderhuset(Father’s House) provided police a detailed report about how children were abused and terrorized by those responsible for directing the group. The controversial Christian group is a recognized religion in Denmark and police have received numerous reports concerning how children under its care have been abused. Newspaper reports indicate several children between the ages of seven and fifteen attended a military style training camp on the island of Falster. The children, were treated as though they were soldiers. The man said, “”the children were hit, whipped and woken with a gun to their heads in the middle of the night and I was one of those who carried it out.”

It is always fascinating how “Christian” groups engage in such brutality to children. Their excuse is tough treatment is necessary because the children had to be trained to be “soldiers of Christ” as though somehow Jesus Christ wanted people to engage in war in his name.