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Furniture Wars Threaten World Security

Leading experts shifted attention away from mundane issues like the Israel-Palestinian conflict to a major issue confronting Europeans–what exactly is the secret plan of IKEA to use backward areas of Europe in its quest for world domination of furniture? Why has Sweden’s IKEA launched a pre-emptive attack on the innocent people of Denmark? The Danish, Nyhedsavisen, raised an important question, one which soon will be on the lips of people throughout the world–Why is it that Swedish and Norwegian place names are always asssociated with the shiniest, comfiest furnishings in the IKEA catalog whlle the names of Danish towns are reserved for doormats? Professor Klaus Kjoller of the University of Copenhagen recently noted: “IKEA has chosen the objects with the lowest value and given them Danish names? And, that is not a coincidence!

According to IKEA, the naming of carpets with Danish names is a coincidence, that’s just the way the carpet folds. But, to the aroused natives of Sweden, their right to name a doormat with a Danish name is done with the purpose of ensuring doormats are reserved for Danish people because this piece of furniture reflects the people who use it.