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Danish Politicians Argue Over Who Is Anti-Muslim

Kristian Dahl of the Danish People’s Party sent out a press release saying he regetted his coment the previous day that the party was “anti-Muslim.” He noted, “if I had to do it over I would have chosen a different ways of saying it.” He was commenting after Birthe Ronn Hombech, of the Liberal Party, called the DPP “fanatically anti-Muslim.” Dahl explained the source of his anti-Muslim feeling in the following way: “We are in many ways anti-Muslim becassue we can see some deeply problematic things about the way Islam functions. When we fight against 10 year-old girls getting castrated or are against segregated swimming classes, then it is those types of examples I think of when I say we are anti-Muslim.”

In a sense, Dahl raises important issues. What if an individual finds a group’s practices violate his/her own sense of democracy and respect for human dignity. If the individual makes comments about the practices, does that mean the person is biased and prejudiced or does it convey a sense the person simply does not agree with certain religious practices.