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Denmark Knew Of US Rendition Program

It will require several years and the emergence of historians who have access to government documents before the world knows exactly what went on during the Bush sponsored rendition program. A Danish citizen who was captured in Ethiopia where he went to fight for Islamic forces said during his captivity American agents took part in several interrogations. The 36 year old Danish Muslim convert for more than a month had daily interrogations that were conducted by American agents. Apparently, US authorities alerted the Danish government about the whereabouts of “Allan” but it took months before a Danish representative could gain access to the man. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller insists the prisoner never mentioned the American interrogators.

If the Danish government knew one of their citizens was being interrogated by Americans or that the person was in prison, it had a moral obligation to ensure the individual had a fair trial.

Exactly why were American interrogators operating in other countries?