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Pistol Packing Texas Moma Responds To Danes!

A few days ago we reported the story of a Danish newspaper reporter who was covering a Bush story in Texas when he inadvertently stepped into a Texas garden only to be confronted by a pistol packing irate Texas woman who told him to get off her precious property. Since appearance of the story, the Copenhagen Post has been deluged with replies from all over th state of Texas. Most letters were apologetic in tone insisting average Texans don’t present guns if people place a foot on their home land. Tim Roberts, writing from Midland, Texas, told the Danes, “Although we Texans are assertive of our right to bear arms, most of us understand the rules of carrying a weapon and we do not take them lightly. Brandishing a firearm is a crime in Texas and charges can be filed even if the incident occurs on one’s own property.” However, an elderly woman urged the good people of Denmark “to understand the fear she lives in daily. And, be glad you live in a civilized society.”

I wonder about any place where someone stepping a foot on your lawn heightens fear. Maybe, it’s connected to President Bush being in the vicinty. Gee, that man can’t seem to avoid having people wave guns when he comes to town. I don’t know how civilized them Danes are, after all they had that prince whose stepfather killed his dad. To wave a gun or not to wave a gun, that is the question!