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Parents Bully Danish Schools To Protect Bullies

More and more Danish parents are fighting against efforts of schools to crack down on bullies by retaining lawyers and threatening lawsuits if their children are disciplined. A survey by the Copenhagen Post revealed one in eleven schools have experienced the phenomenon of being bullied into reducing penalties against youngsters who were engaged in bullying activities. Current law allows students from grades 3 to 10 to be punished by school administrators with up to an hour detention, suspension for up to one week, transfer of a student to another class or relocation of the student to another school.

Anders Balle, president of the schoolmasters’ union realizes parents seek to defend their children but introducing lawyers into the mix creates challenges for schools. But, Solveig Gaarsmand, head of the Parents’s Advisory Council argues schools are to blame for failure to listen to parents on many issues, and fear their child will be relocated to another school.

Certainly counseling is a vital component of any program related to bullying behavior. Sending a bully to another school does not eliminate the issue of bullying, it simply forces another educator to handle the problem.