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Tee Shirts For Terrorism?

The Danish Eastern High Court convicted six people of supporting terrorism because they were engaged in an enterprise that sold T-shirts in order to raise funds to finance Colombian and Palestinian organizations. The people who have ties to “Fighters + Lovers” were sentenced to between sixty days to six months in jail. They allowed their company website to be used to assist push sales of the T-shirts. The court ordered all tee-shirts were to be confiscated. The company began selling T shirts in 2006 in order to challenge Danish terrorism laws. Their promotional material indicated money raised from the T shirts would be used to assist the Colombian-based Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia(FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP).

In December, 2007, the Copenhagen City Court cleared the group of aiding terrorism because the two organizations did not fall under the classification of being terrorists according to their interpretation of Danish law.

There is little doubt these organizations resort to violence and kidnapping which certainly makes them dangerous. The issue is not whether they are terrorist groups, but to which extent do people have a right to give them money and support. It is one thing providing arms and ammunition, another to sell T shirts.