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President Barack Obama has made several eloquent speeches dealing with the issue of human rights as well as expressing his horror at the inhumane policies followed by the Sudan government toward the people of Darfur. But, that was then when he was a candidate for president. These days he is the president and expecting a tough stand from Barack Obama about any issue is like expecting a snow storm in the Amazon. He is abandoning his policy of taking a tough stand against the Sudan violation of human rights and he no longer will discuss the issue of sanctions. These days, the tough minded sheriff who stands for law and order wants to work with murderers in hope they will reduce their level of murders.

Each time Obama becomes the waffle king, those who favor terrorism and oppression of the innocent gain hope because there is nothing to fear from the United States. One can only wonder if Obama would oppose getting tough about existing laws that deprived black skinned people of their rights. Perhaps, he would have redefined the laws to mean, “alleged laws about skin color.”

Secret Meeting In Egypt About Darfur

Egyptian diplomats have brought together a coalition of nations in order to focus on the future of Darfur. Egyptian head of intelligence, Omar Suleiman and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, invited representatives from the United States, Libya and the Sudan to figure out a way to halt bloodshed in Darfur. There are reports Libya has taken a leadership role in ending conflict between Chad and the Sudan and is part of the process of seeking peace in the Sudan. Recently, Scott Graton, Obama’s envoy to the Sudan hosted four rival Darfur groups at a meeting in Ethiopia.

Graton has come under attack from various factions because they claim he is not impartial. Sudanese Liberation Movement leader, Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur, told the Sudan Tribune, “the special envoy of President Obama to Sudan abandoned his mission and has become a problem and an obstacle due to his non-neutral position.”

An issue that created anger was Graton’s support for ending certain sanctions against the Sudan. There is always conflict when a specific nation creates turmoil. Do other nations impose sanctions? Do they seek to isolate the offender? Obviously, there is no simple response to these questions. Sometimes sanctions work, and in other cases such as the US boycott of Cuba they turn out to be unable to achieve goals.

The important outcome is nations finally are discussing ways to end the violence in Darfur.

Sudan Killing Continues

The confusing brutality of fighting in Sudan continues its maddening path toward death and destruction. Boats were loaded with aid for the suffering people in Sudan only to be attacked by rebel ethnic fighters in which about forty Sudanese soldiers and civilians were killed. A United Nations world food program was sending food and supplies to an area controlled by the Loou Nuer tribe which is a rival of the Jikany Nuer tribe. In the topsy turvey world of the Sudan, one never knows exactly who is killing whom. Ordinarily, the Sudan government and its notorious janjaweed are out murdering and raping with abandon, but there are also rebel tribes and ethnic groups which fight one another.

As always in the Sudan and Darfur the elderly, women, and children are the ones who wind up suffering and dying because of emotional and angry adults whose only goal apparently is maintaining the status quo of death and destruction.

Does Anyone Care About Darfur?

Mention the word, “Israel” to a group of college professors and students, and one is met with anger and passion concerning that nation’s policies in the Middle East, mention the word, “Darfur,” and a muted response indicates there is no passion, but concern. A few years ago, Darfur was in the news, but although killings go on and rape of women is frequent, the left wing has moved onto more passionate concerns. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, blasted the UK for failing to assert leadership in dealing with Sudan President Omar al-Bashir. A number of African and Arab countries who are ready to condemn the Israel criminal invasion of Gaza, although they have nothing but anger at the ICC decision to charge a man, not with killing 1,200, but with the death of 300,000 and the rape of thousands of women.

“Bashir must be stopped,” said Ocampo, “If China, the US, the UK and Europe acted together, we could stop him.” But, the plate of major powers is filled with economic concerns and the need for Middle East peace. So, people drop a coin or a few dollars into a Darfur drive, it eases one’s conscience and allows focus on other areas where passion flows quite readily. Cry the beloved people of Darfur, you are simply not on the passion list of left wingers.

Darfur Rebels Defeat Sudan Forces

Darfur rebels struck back at forces of the Sudan government and overwhelmed a garrison in the town of Umm Baru near the border of Chad and drove out Sudanese troops. Naturally, the Sudan government which insists only 10,000 have died in Darfur (most estimates are the dead are over 300,000) claim they drove back the rebels. The town has been the scene of bitter fighting because the Sudan government has supported rebels from Chad in order to destabilize that nation’s government. Darfur rebels are attempting to place pressure on the government of the Sudan to force them into peace talks.

The first step to ensure peace in Darfur is for China to cease supplying Sudan with arms and to impose an embargo on goods until President al-Bashir agrees to honest negotiations and ceases saying only 10,000 have died. Perhaps, if rebel forces obtained greater support, Sudan might change its mind about peace.

Any E-mail About Sri Lanka, Professor Robinson?

I have been informed that Professor Robinson is a man of passion when human rights are concerned so please excuse my curiosity as to why this man who defends human rights has not sent any e-mails to his students about the slaughter of 7,000 civilians by Sri Lanka military forces. Professor Robinson, the UN estimates at least 7,000 civilians have died, not 1,300 as in Gaza, since the military push against the Tamil Tigers began in January. Is this an example of a “Holocaust” in Sri Lanka? I assume you will be sending an e-mail to all students concerning this horror.

Oh, I was wondering if you have sent any e-mails about the genocide against the people of Darfur by Sudan which has resulted in the death of over 300,00 and rape of thousands of women. Or, do you just consider this to be an example of “bad behavior” on the part of the Sudan and certainly nothing to compare with the Holocaust unleashed by Israel? Speaking of the Holocaust, where does the death of five million in the Congo fit on your hierarchy of anger about murder?

For the record, Professor Robinson, in this blog I have non-stop blasted the murder of thousands in Zimbabwe, the murder of thousands in Darfur, the murder of thousands in Sri Lanka. For the record, I condemned Israel’s invasion of Gaza as a political and moral blunder. It was an over-reaction to provocation and the result was the murder of innocent Palestinians along with Hamas forces. Anyone can challenge me on this blog, they don’t even have to use their real name. Frankly, anyone who would use the expression “Holocaust” in describing the Israel invasion of Gaza is recommended to take a course on the Holocaust or visit a university library.

How about an e-mail to your students about Zimbabwe where over 3,000 have died due to illness created by President Mugabe and two million live in poverty in South Africa?

Sudan Leader Bashir And Politics Of Denial

The ability of leaders to deny reality is all too common, particularly when the reality consists of killing over 300,000 people, driving millions to flee for their lives and leaving thousands of women brutalized by rape. However, according to President Bashir of Sudan, none of this ever happened on his watch. “I challenge anybody to bring me evidence that proves the Sudan armed forces attacked and killed citizens in Darfur.” I assume a visit to any refugee camp would provide the Sudan leader with evidence from people who witnessed their families being killed and women being raped by members of the Janjaweed who enjoyed their attacks on innocent civilians. What exactly does the Sudan president think about the millions of refugees who have fled the country? Is it his assumption, they left on a vacation?

The best defense for Bashir is to go on the offense and claim “what happened in Darfur was an insurgency. The state has the responsibility to fight rebels.” On one hand, there was no killing of citizens, on the other hand, there was killing of rebels. One can assume the rebels killed were citizens. As far as Bashir is concerned stories about hundreds of thousands of dead people in Darfur are the result of an “organized media campaign.” We await his next claim the media campaign was begun by the Jewish press.

The tragedy of the Muslim world is they are quick to denounce the Gaza invasion and the killing of 1,200 people by Israel forces, but slip into denial when a Muslim nation is accused of killing 300,000 people and raping thousands of women. The only “organized media campaign” is that of the Muslim media which refuses to describe the horror of Darfur.

Sudan Rejects Arab Proposal For Trials

The Sudanese government rejected a proposal by the Arab League to establish a “hybrid court” to prosecute those suspected of participating in the murder of thousands of innocent people in Darfur. The Arab League suggestion was an attempt to circumvent the International Criminal Court indictment of Sudan leder Omar Hassan Al-Bashir who they charged was responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 in Darfur as well as rape and brutalization of thousands of women. The Arab League gave full support to Bashir in his refusal to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the ICC. There are reports Sudan diplomats are furious at the suggestion of a hybrid court which they claim gives credence to the ICC warrant.

Arab media claim Sudan has threatened to withdraw from the Arab League, but if they did so, there are few options in the rest of the world for friends. Sudan demands Arab nations completely reject the very suggestion that anything has gone wrong in Darfur. Most probably the 300,000 reputed dead people are really hiding out in Argentine or Israel.

Omar al-Bashir And Muslim Hypocrisy

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir who has been accused of war crimes against the people of Darfur was warmly greeted in Qatar where he arrived for a meeting of the Arab League. The 22 member Arab League said it would not enforce a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court since it does not believe the Sudan leader is guilty of any crimes. The Arab League issued a statement: “the leaders reject attempt to politicize the principles of international justice and using them to undermine the sovereignty and unity and stability of Sudan.” Of course, Muslim nations never hesitate to condemn the state of Israel for its actions, but apparently the murder of 300,000 people in Darfur by Omar al-Bashir is of no importance to these supposed fighters for human rights.

Those who fight for the rights of Palestinians and refuse to condemn the slaughter of 300,000 and rape of thousands of women only reveal themselves to be hypocrites. Apparently, for defenders of the rights of Palestinians there are two standards — one for Israel and none for Muslim societies which kill.

Shame Of Great Britain Sending Asylum Seekers To Death

Great Britain historically was a land of refuge for those fleeing persecution. Karl Marx spent most of his adult life in the safety of the United Kingdom. Adam Osman Mohammed, a refugee from Darfur, came to England in 2005 having fled the horror that was Darfur for those who were not Arabs. He told British investigators for the Home Office that if he returned to Darfur there was a strong likelihood he would be killed. But, this is modern day England whose Socialist government has forgotten what happened to Socialists in the good old days. Mohammed returned to Khartoum where he spent a few weeks and being assured it was safe headed back to Darfur. His cousin, Mohammed Elzaki Obuseka, chair of the Darfur union in the UK, tells the rest of the story. “the government security forces had followed him to another village, Calgoo, where his wife and child had sought help. They came to the village and targeted him. They shot him in front of his wife and child.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that returning to Darfur is dangerous for non-Arabs who become targets of the notorious janjaweed, the Home Office insists there is nothing to fear– except death, we assume. At least, there is nothing to fear for the Home Office. Shame on Great Britain. I guess if Karl Marx were alive today, he would be classified as a “terrorist” and returned to Germany.