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Darfuri Student Killed In Khartoum

Hundreds of protestors gathered in the streets of Khartoum to express their anger at the killing of a Darfuri boy by police authorities. Many in the crowd shouted their fury at reports the boy was tortured and killed by authorities when he was arrested. Sudanese authorities denied killing Mohamed Musa who friends claim was abducted in Khartoum and later found dead. More than 1,000 students, Darfuris, and political leaders marched to express their anger at the murder of the boy. Scores of police surrounded the student’s home as his parents mourned his death. His father demanded, “I have lost my son… I want justice from the government, justice for my son.” The funeral came a day after the beginning of an election campaign.

Presidential candidate Yasir Aman was warmly greeted by the crowd because he promised if elected to investigate the murder. Khartoum University students are furious that security forces killed a student and now claim his death was the result of a crime.