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Rudy Giuliani-No Christmas In New York Time

Rudy Giuliani continues insisting recent illness has nothing to do with his earlier history of getting through cancer, but rumors are flying and they are not all birds of cheer. Although, Giuliani is ahead in 13 states whose combined delegate total is 758 delegates, it is now clear the former New York mayor will not reach the convention floor as the overwhelming favorite of the convention. Huckabee, inadvertently is helping Giuliani, by apparently defeating Romney in Iowa and South Carolina which should eventually result in him garnering about 170 delegates. Romney appears to be headed toward at least 112 while McCain and Thompson will probably obtain fewer than a hundred for their efforts.

The real story of this Republican race is the reality no single current candidate will emerge with a majority of delegates. This will be the first time in decades that such a situation has arisen. Once the Republican convention begins, talk will slowly develop about a compromise candidate whose name has yet to appear among those running. Will it be a Jeb Bush? Will it be a dark horse whose name is hidden somewhere among Republican governors? Unfortunately, for the Republican Party, the movie star governor of California is ineligible to run for the presidency. Who knows, maybe they will trot out Independent Joe Lieberman and let him have a shot. He certainly acts like a Republican.