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Flintstones And Dinosaurs Lived Together Say Britons

A recent survey taken on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin revealed only 50% of people in the United Kingdom believe in the theory of evolution, and half of those who believe it have doubts. About 12% prefer creationism and the remainder have a mish mosh of ideas that incorporate evolution, creationism, and intelligent design with a bit of belief that the Flintsone family co-existed with the era of dinosaurs. Evolution is based on countless repeated studies which prove conclusively the concept of an evolutionary process that has been unfolding on this planet for millions of years, but some prefer trying to mask their religious beliefs in the cloak of pseudo-science.

There is no question that creationists are most prevalent in the United States and perhaps in Australia, and their voice is strong enough to force many school districts to bring in ideas about creationism. We await the time when the Flat Earth group will be strong enough to force school districts to teach that this planet is really a flat Earth and one can fall off it if not paying attention.

P.S. My question to Creationists who believe the Earth is only 10,000 years or so is what happened to the dinosaurs?