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Gay Rights-Times Are A’Changing In UK!

Historically, the British Conservative party has been hostile to gay and lesbian rights and has strongly opposed teaching about those issues in schools. However, David Cameron, the current Tory leader, believes both he and his party were wrong, and apologized for opposing teaching about gays and lesbians in schools. He wants that topic to be “embedded in the curriculum” and for all children to be studying about human relationships. “We do need good sex and relationships education ” in schools in order that children will understand the need to “treat people the same whether they are straight or gay, black or white, or a man or a woman.”

It is fascinating how the British “conservative’ movement is adapting to the modern world while the American “conservative” movement is moving back to the nineteenth century. I wonder why?

UK Tories Link With European Neo-Nazis Groups

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear to UK Conservatives American dismay that Tories are joining with right right wing groups in order to from a new alliance in the European Union. The US is uneasy that David Cameron’s Europscepticism would weaken the ability of a British government to be a positive force in the EU and would signal to the world its willingness to ally with neo-Nazi groups. Cameron apparently sees no problem forming an alliance with Latvian anti-Semites who honor the work of Latvians who fought alongside the Nazi Waffen SS in World War II. For some reason, David Cameron has ordered his party to quit the mainstream European People’s party which includes leaders like Sarkozy of France or Merkel of Germany and switch to an alliance with Poland’s Law and Justice party and the For Fatherland and Freedom Latvian party.

Hillary Clinton fears Cameron’s Conservative party would assume leadership of right wing European groups that seek to destroy the European Union and he apparently sees no problem being in the company of anti-Semites and those who support Nazi Germany.
We certainly have come a long way from the Conservative party of Winston Churchill.

Tide Of Conservatism Impacting Great Britain?

The Labor party of Gordon Brown has never recovered from its disatrous alliance with George Bush in the fiasco that is known as the Iraq war. A growing malaise has seeped into the minds of British citizens, a feeling the Labor party is not connected to their needs and desires. Yesterday’s sweping victory for the Conservative party suggests Great Britain is headed towards a realignment of power and the emergence of David Cameron as a future prime minister. In three years, Cameron has ripped to pieces the portrait of an efficient and modern Labor party into one in which people wonder when is the next example of Labor incomptence.

The main weakness of Cameron and the Conservatives is their lack of strength in major British cities. This has necessitated forming an alliance with Liberal Democrats in order to challenge Labor urban strength. There apparently is a sense among voters they seek change, but it is unclear as to the nature of this change. Cameron has to present a clear platform of change that addresses issues in Great Britain, something he has yet to accomplish.

Gordon Brown and the Labor party are down, but not out. Brown has to emerge from stumbling and bumbling his way in power and offer his nation a new image of life in the 21st century. If no such portrain of future life emerges, he will soon be surrendering the power of government.

David Cameron– Sick Man Of England!

There is politics and there is politics, but occasionally a politician crosses the line of human decency. David Cameron, leader of England’s Conservative Party, has every right and responsibility to attack the Labor government of Gordon Brown. However, his latest tirade was in bad taste and unbecoming an individual who seeks leadership of a nation. The Tory leader blasted Prime Minister Brown for fostering gimmicks that had no lasting impact on society. Among the programs he cited was a government initiative to send students from every secondary school and college in England on a trip to Auschwitz. “We’ve never known a government,” said Cameron, “that is so obsessed with short-term gimmicks, with top-down control, with endless meddling in every part of everyone’s life.”

A trip to Auschwitz by adolescent students is a moving experince that will impact them for the rest of their lives. It compels young people who have been sheltered from the horrors of human life to pause for a moment, to reflect on humanity’s inhumanity, and to explore their own inner world. I assume Mr. Cameron has never made the trip to Auschwitz. Let me recommend that Prime Minister Gordon Brown offer him an all expense paid trip to that locale in Poland. By the way, among the other “gimmicks” were opportunities to clean hospitals or obtan an examination to detect cancer.