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Barack–Open The Torture Files!!

I voted for Barack Obama and was pleased that among his first acts was to make clear there would no longer be torture, but this is only a small part of the issue of were people tortured, who did the torturing and who ordered the torturing. The case of British citizen, Binyam Mohammed, is a test as to whether the Obama administration is going to mouth words about torture or face the tough question of opening all files dealing with the use of torture in order that America can cleanse its soul of the Bush era so characterized by ignoring the Constitution of the United States. British Foreign Secretary first claimed the file could not be opened because US sources threatened to cease cooperating if they were made public. Now, he says, there really was no threat but the issue is sensitive and deals with “national security.”

Tyrants and torturers invariably resort to the every ready, “national security” excuse to be secret. The only “national security” issue at stake is the security of those who tortured and their fear public disclosure will result in criminal action against them. There is one simple way to handle this problem– President Obama should order the opening of all files in which torture was used to extract confessions. Let the world know that the American people do not allow torture since it violates our moral values and our Constitution. OPEN THE DOSSIERS!!