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What’s Wrong With Our Governors?

In 2006, Eliot Spitzer was elected governor of New York but within three years had to leave due to a sex scandal. He was succeeded by Lt. Governor David Patterson who resigned this week due to a sex scandal involving his driver who somehow had worked up to chief aide to the governor and advisor on political issues. The governor of South Carolina SHOULD have resigned due to a sex scandal, but refused just ass his wife and children walked out the door. The governor of Illinois resigned due to a host of improprieties and most probably will soon join another ex-governor who is in jail. Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, had better things to do than run a state–make money, that is. The list goes on and on and on. Former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, is not being blasted by his former supporters because he granted a clemency release to a man who wound up murdering someone.

As these events unfold, the Tea Party is wandering the nation denouncing the Federal government and urging that we return power to the states! Is there something wrong with this argument?

David Just Won’t Knock Out Goliath!

Governor David Patterson of New York is a nice man, a decent person, and among the most ineffectual individuals ever to become governor of the state. He works a 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. day and just try getting him when he is at home in the evening. Several weeks ago a plane crashed in Buffalo, and no one could arouse the sleeping governor who was off into dreamland. The final blow to any chance he had of running for re-election came with the emergence of a domestic violence episode involving his former driver who somehow has become translated into a leading government authority and the gatekeeper to seeing the governor of New York. David Johnson is accused of domestic violence and David Patterson is accused of contacting the woman involved and offering “assistance,” whatever that means.

The path is now open for Andrew Cuomo to become the Democratic candidate for governor and he has built a reputation for honesty and effectiveness as attorney general. Now, how does New York get a good senatorial candidate? Gee, how about former governor Eliot Spitzer running for that position? Heck, if Tiger Woods can apologize, why can’t Eliot and get another crack at what he loves to do–be in politics?