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Dead Sea Scrolls New Controversy

There are times when Israel and Palestinian leaders display a unique ability to create problems where none really exist. During the time period 1947-1956 the famous Dead Sea scrolls were uncovered in caves near the Dead Sea. These are scrolls written in Hebrew and Aramic which are an important aspect of Jewish history, and to some extent to Christian history since they present the thinking and ideas of the ancestors of Jewish people. Canada was to be the scene of an exhibit of the scrolls but it has created a new controversy since Palestinians claim the scrolls belong to them and were taken illegally by Israel when they took over east Jerusalem.

Of course, Palestinian authorities fail to mention that when Jordan occupied east Jerusalem and the area around it, they destroyed synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. The Jordanians were hardly the best protector of ancient artifacts. The scrolls deal with the history of Jews and have nothing to do with the history of Arabs or the Muslim religion. Surely, there are other issues to discuss and have arguments about regarding opposing ideas.