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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Each day an American soldier dies in Afghanistan. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day an innocent Afghan dies in his own country. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day, President Karzai and his buddies plunder the people of Afghanistan. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day an Afghan woman is assaulted by husband or stranger. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day General McChrystal announces a new strategy to win the war in Afghanistan. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day, a NATO government says it is time to bring their men and women home. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day, the Taliban plant bombs to kill and do nothing to further life. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day President Obama appears on another talk show to explain his Afghanistan strategy. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day, members of Congress shrug their shoulders about Afghanistan and get on with business. Where have all the flowers gone?

Each day a wife or mother cries in her morning coffee worried about someone in Afghanistan. Where have all the flowers gone?

Drug Lords In Mexico Slaughter Soldiers

The inhabitants of the United States of America enjoy the use of drugs. The government of the United States of America has declared the use of drugs is against the law. The government of the United States has decided anyone selling or using drugs should be placed in jail. These American policies have resulted in the emergence of drug lords all over Latin America, but none probably matches the brutality of Mexican drug dealers. A corrupt Mexican army and police supposedly is engaged in fighting drug lords, but the result tends to result in soldiers being killed rather than drug dealers. The decapitated heads of 12 soldiers were found in a bag with the warning: “For every one of mine that you kill, I will kill 10.” The discovery was found several miles from the famous resort of Acapulco.

There undoubtedly will be pronouncements of revenge by Mexican leaders as they have promised in the past, but nothing much will happen except that young Mexican boys who serve in the army will die. If Americans really cared about ending the power of drug lords they would decriminalize drugs and allow the government to sell inexpensive drugs to those who agree to enter a program to end drug use.

US Soldiers Gunned Down At Iraq Council Meeting

There is increasing evidence that major progress has been made in coping with extremists groups in Iraq, but as one aspect of the war in Iraq closes down, another may well be opening up. Some American soldiers were attending a meeting of the municipal council in the town of Madain when they ran into a volatile situation. As the walked down the steps leading from the building, a Sunni member of the council got out of his care, and, according to eye witness, Hussein al-Dulaimi, “the attacker came out of his car with an AK 47 rifle in his hands and started firing on the American soldiers until he was killed by the return fire.” Two American soldiers were killed and four wounded.

There are conflicting reports about the attacker. Some claim he was a disgruntled Sunni who was ousted by Shiites while other reports claim he was still a member of the council.
The incident reflects long term and unresolved issues in Iraq– the relationship between Sunni and Shiites in the clash over power. Both groups harbor strong antagonisms toward one another and it will take time and effective leadership to overcome these factors. In the meantime, American troops are caught in the middle of a growing fight which could become bloody and divisive.

War Of Claims Rages On Pakistan Border

As war rages in the mountainous area on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, another war of words and claims is also raging between the Pakistan government and the US led coalition forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan insists eleven of its soldiers who were on Pakistan territory were killed by bombs released from drones. The United States insists the drones dropped bombs on insurgents inside Afghanistan. To support its statement, the United States released grainy photographs of bombs being dropped on about a half dozen insurgents who were about 200 yards inside Afghanistan. There is no doubt the bombs depicted are hitting insurgents, but that does not answer the question as to whether or not other bombs hit the eleven soldiers in Pakistan.

Pakistan had undoubtedly antagonized American leaders by entering negotiations with al-Qaida and the Taliban in the northern frontier region. There is a growing difference of opinion between Pakistan and the United States on how best to handle militants. Pakistan is moving in the direction of negotiation while the US emphasizes military operations. The use of drones raises questions concerning mistakes but a mistake will invariably be interpreted in Pakistan as a deliberate action.

Hopefully, a new administration in January, 2009 will explore ways to work with Pakistan in resolving issues of militancy.

Should Photos Of Dead Soldiers Be Published?

Since the invasion of Iraq began five years ago, a continuing debate has raged over failure of President Bush to attend funerals of those who died or to allow photographs of returning dead soldiers. Following is a letter that appeared in the Stars & Stripes of April 15, 2008. We print the letter without editorial comment.

The writer of “Stripes did dissenters bidding”(a letter appearing in the April 1 issue which condemned publishing photos of dead soldiers) needs to get his priorities straight. To say that Stipes was “disgusting” for publishing a photo of a dead soldier’s helmet and rifle along with the report of the 4,000th Iraq war casualty, and that “body counting is what the liberal press does to inflict this country with dissent, discouragement,, shame, etc…” was un-American.

The writer is wearing horse blinders. Whether his right-wing “control the media mentality” likes it or not, here is the fact: As of March 25, 4,000 great Americans gave their lives for our country, in Iraq, and as of April 8, 17 more have been added to the list.

Every day, Americans need to be reminded of this. But, it seems that more and more Americans, such as the writer and especially the right-wing media network(Fox) are concerned more with what Barack Obama’s pastor says in church than with how many brave Americans are dying for their country and for the cause of protecting freedom in Iraq.

The front-page reporting by the Stripes of the 4,000th casualty on March 25 reminded the rest of America of the courage and sacrifice these servicemembers and their families gave in the cause of freedom, and not of dissent, discouragement and shame, as the writer stated.

In the March 25 edition, Stripes did a superb job of reminding Americans that it wasn’t important what John said, Hilalry said, Barack said on that day. What was important that day and every day, is to remember the 4,017 great Ameicans who died in this war and to not forget the 160,000 plus who are still fighting for freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan.

if we had it all censored, as the writer would prefer, this war would look very sweet and rosy.
Maj. Wade Paul