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Deadlockmania Sweeps Democratic Party As Hillary Wins

Senator Hillary Clinton continued chugging along as the famous little train does in the children’s story as she edged her way to the top of the Pennsylvania hill only to gaze downward in anticipation of more hurdles to overcome. The New York senator is flush with a smile of a ten point victory over Barack Obama that provided her renewed incentive to move ahead in an election heading for a deadlocked Democratic convention this summer. Senator Obama will undoubtedly win the North Carolina primary in two weeks which means there will not be a perceptible difference in his delegate and overalll vote lead in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.

Reality is that a sudden lurch of super delegates to Clinton would anger young voters and the black voting community and without that group making a switch, Senator Clinton has absolutely no way to secure sufficient delgate votes to obtain the nomination. In a sense, she continues the Clinton self-destruct pattern of her husband Bill whose only thought of his own victory made him willing to sacrifice the Democratic party to electoral defeat.

The morning after victory, Senator Clinton is down to about $9 million in her bank account(with $10 million in debts) while Obama is secure with over $30 million to be spent on the next campaigns in Indiana and North Carolina.

The real question is why does Senator Clinton continue a campaign she cannot win? Why does she remain in a fight that delights Republican Senator John McCain? Why has she resorted to personal invective toward her fellow Democrat Barack Obama and presented the Republican Party with one after another points to use in the November election? What makes Hillary run other than a sense of self destruction, not for her personal self, but for the Democratic Party? Today, her train chugged upward to gain a hill, tomorrow her train plunges downward in pursuit of a John McCain triumph.

One possible scenario is a deadlocked convention in which neither of the two front runners gains a victory as delegates turn elsewhere in search of a third party who can united the party and gain victory in November.