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The Promise Of Hamas-Death And Destruction

Wael Somouni was digging into the ruins of his house trying to retrieve the body of his 17 year old daughter even after four hours of digging had yet to uncover the body of his wife. “tis is because of the rockets, this is because of Hamas. This is what they promised us when they were elected, just destruction.” Shawqi Sultan has lost trust in anyone at this point after the massive destruction to his land. “The ceasefire gives us nothing. If one rocket falls, an Israeli says they will kill hundreds and destroy more. Israel has destroyed our area, killed our people, and we got no political result. Zakia Dabor says, “we haven’t benefited from the war and seeks some sort of permanent truce. She is cleaning up her house which is partly in ruins while the remaining part shows signs of Israeli soldiers who defecated and urinated in her rooms.

Ironically, Hamas and Israel now share a common perspective on life and death. Each believes to be endowed with the truth and each believes since they know the truth, anything is allowed in pursuit of it. Hamas and Israeli soldiers share an equal belief that rules of war simply are not part of their interpretation of how to conduct a war.

There is nothing worse in life than a true believer walking along the highway of war.