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We offer comments on the human condition by a 25 year old mind trapped in a 78 year old body.

Nobody Asked Me But,

I saw a sign in the cigar store which read: “we smoke the opposition.” Yep, you guys really kill them.

I wonder if Hillary these days wish she was back in the calm days of Monica.

Women who enter a hair salon immediately examine beauty products.

I do not understand why professional athletes within a few days into training come down with so many injuries. They are professional athletes for God’s sake!

I have lost track of the last time Congress intelligently discussed an important issue.

I await creation by a fast food chain of the “3:00 p.m. meal.”

As we become more motorized and urbanized there will be fewer long distance runners.

Since people go around with bare legs in the summer, one can see veins and cuts and abrasions hidden in winter.

I miss the double header. Two games for the price of one and baseball all afternoon.

I frequently am amazed at the variety of choices available for one product in a supermarket. In my Depression childhood it was Wheaties, Corn Flakes Or Rice Krispies for breakfast.

I love the sound of a fire engine, particularly at night. I become excited and curious.

If we had a Death Panel to decide which politicians should die, guess who would be first on their list.

I was waiting for my wife in the hair salon. A man sat down next to me. I began counting and, sure enough, before he hit 30, out came the cell phone.

After saving America, New York City, the Republican Party, will the UN ask Rudy to save the world?