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Death Penalty Or Terrorism

The death penalty is still applied in most states in America which raises interesting questions when terrorist suspects are arrested in European nations which have ended such punishments. David Headley, a Pakistani-American is accused of plotting to blow up a newspaper in Copenhagen, and American investigators have indicated they will need information from the Danish secret service, PET. Headley is also believed to have involved in the Mumbai bombing in India which resulted in the killing of several people. PET authorities have indicated the American request for information concerning the suspect creates a dilemma since Danish law not only does not allow the death penalty, but forbids sending someone to another nation which allows such punishment.

PET has made clear that although it is willing to cooperate with American investigators, it can not give information that results in a suspect being sentenced to death. Isn’t it about time the United States joins the civilized world and ends the use of death as punishment?

Death Penalty Common In Maliki Iraq

George Bush brought “democracy” to Iraq, but the former governor of Texas also brought his home state’s approach to dealing with criminals– kill them. The British newspaper, the Independent, reports secret executions are being carried out in Iraq prisons. According to Robert Fisk: “the hangings are carried out regularly–from a wooden gallows in a small, cramped cell– in Saddam Hussein’s old intelligence headquarters at Kazimiyah. There is not public record of these killings in what is now called Baghdad’s high security detention faciliity.” Most of those being killed are supposedly “insurgents” although there is indication rapists and murderers are also being put to death.

Informants told Fisk the actual process of executing people resembles something out of olden times. Some are asked to jump off stools and when they don’t initially die other means must be found to ensure death. In the madness that continues to exist in Iraq, mistaken identify and false passports are all too common which ensures that many being executed may not necessarily be the actual criminal.

George Bush never worried too much over killing people and invariably rejected appeals. Prime Minister Maliki appears to come from the same mind set. Although, Europe has abandoned the death penalty, Iraq is marching in tune with Texas.

Bush Kangaroo Court At Guantanamo Angers World

The United States military said it would bring death penalty charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five others it claims were suspected of being involved in planning the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The trials will take place at Guantanamo Bay and be a military tribunal whose proceedings are only partially under the jurisdiction of civilian courts. there is speculation trials conducted under such conditions will lead to widespread outrage throughout the Muslim world. Some critics note the decision comes as America is preparing for a presidential election in which Senator John McCain is arguing about his fight against terrorism and by some strange coincidence trials involving terrorists will be taking place.

Vincent Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights notes: “What we are looking at is a seeries of show trials by the Bush administrationthat are really devoid of any due process considerations. Rather than playing politics, the Bush administration should be seeking speedy and fair trials. these are trials that are going to be based on torture as confessions as well as secret evidence. There is no way this can be said to be fair especially as the death sentence could be an outcome.”

There is most probably sufficient evidence obtained by legal means to convict either one or all of these men for crimes, but the Bush administration, as always, must take the road of hypocrisy and illegality in order to achieve their end goals. Nations of the world which oppose the death penalty will be angered if such a verdict concludes the trials. If any evidence is admitted that was obtained due to use of torture, the entire Muslim world will only conclude the men were innocent and are being denied their rights to a fair trial.

Report Freely At Peril Of Dying Freely Say Afghans

The Islamic religious court which condemned Perwiz Kambakhsh, 23, to death because he downloaded from the Internet a story that ofended clerics has now made clear that reporters who pursue the case run the risk of also suffering severe penalties. Balkh province deputy attorney general Hafizullah Khaliqyar said, “based on the crimes Perwiz Kambakhsh committed the primary court yeserday sentenced him to the most serious punishment which is the death penalty.” Khaliqyar threatend to arrest journalists who “support” the condemned man. “I will arrest any journalist trying to support him after this.” The “crime” consists of downloading a story which raised a question about the Muslim religion by suggesting that if males could have multiple wives, then why couldn’t females have multiple husbands?

Reporters Without Borders exressed being “deeply shocked by this trial, carried out in haste and without any concern for the law or for free expression, which is protected by the constitution.” During the American led invasion of Afghanistan President Bush sharply attcked the fanatic rule of Taliban clerics who throttled free speech. Six years later the same clerical attitudes are present in the supposedly “free Afghanistan.”

Asking Questions In Afghanistan Results In Death!

Sayed Parwez Kaambakhsh, age 23, was sentenced to death on Tuesday by a three-judge panel in the northern Afghanistan city of Mazar i-Sharif for distributing a report he downloaded from the Internet that came from journalism students at Baikh University. The article said men and women should be equal under Islam and asked why men can have four wives but women can’t have multiple husbands. The judges claimed the article insulted the Muslim religion. Of course, for many non-Muslims, it is a question in our minds. Why only one sex with this opportunity?

Jean MacKenzie, country director for the Institute for war and Peace Reporting, which trains Afghan journalists, insists the decision has nothing to do with the article, but is designed to exert pressure on Parwez’s rother Yaquib, who has done hard-hitting reporting on abuses by powerful commanders in Baikh and other northern provinces. Muslim clerics are supporting the decision which apparently is their effort to remain in the good graces of local warlords and petty tyrants.

American reporting concerning Afghanistan most often deals with the Taliban or insurgents and rarely focuses on the failure of Western efforts to create conditions of freedom in the nation. The smoke screen of punishing a person who poses questions raises questions about how clerics confront their own religion. Are they interested only in answers rather than questions? Isn’t the purpose of religion to get one questioning the meaning of human existence?

New Axis Of Evil–US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan,etc..

In China, a bullet is fired into the back of a neck to execute a person, in Iran, hanging is used, in Saudi Arabia, a head is chopped off– all techniques currently being used by nations which continue using he death penalty as a means of punishment. Ironically, the United States now finds itself in the same company with hated Iran as among the 25 odd nations in the world in which the death penalty is a norm of punishment. A UN initiative to institute a moratorium on use of the death penalty was first proposed by Italy’s Prime Minister Romano Prodi who was shocked at the botched execution of Saddam Hussein. The entire European Union is supporting the UN Moratorium as are most other nations in the world. The United States is now part of the anti-moratorium alliance since it continues using the death penalty. President Bush’s native Texas leads all American states in sanctioning death as a penalty. He, personally, opposed any efforts to hold off on any death sentence while governor of Texas.

The new “Axis of Evil” is a rather diverse group including dictatorships and democracies, but all share in common a desire to maintain using death as a punishment for crime even though there is absolutely no evidence such punishment reduces crime or the number of murders.