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Why Do Governments Suppress The Truth?

The year was 1979 and Blair Peach, a human rights activist from New Zealand was protesting racism during a demonstration in the United Kingdom. During a confrontation with police, one of the policeman smashed his baton onto the head of Peach and killed him. An inquiry was established to investigate the death of Peach, but its results were kept secret not only from the public, but to his family. Thirty years later, Sir Paul Stephenson ordered release of the 30 year old report because there was no reason any government could offer an argument about security or endangering anyone. His family and loved ones will finally learn who was responsible, but it is doubtful if they will ever learn why it took 30 years to get at the truth.

All governments at some point yell “security” as justification for suppressing embarrassing information. Perhaps, President Obama can learn something from this story and allow an investigation into how the US got into the war in Iraq and who authorized torture of human beings.

Is It OK For Corpses To Have Sex?

In the midst of war, famine, drought, terrorism, a new controversy has arisen in Germany because an artist displayed his work which includes scenes of corpses having sex with one another. Gunther von Hagens latest exhibition shows two corpses engaged in sex which the artist insists mainly concerns issues of biology and has nothing to do with sex. His picture has drawn protests from politicians anxious to display they are prepared to defend their nation against the rise of corpses, particularly those who still want to spread the evil of sex without marriage. According to MP Fritz Felgentreu, “love and death are obvious topics for art, but I find it quite disgusting to use them in this way.” Undoubtedly, the member of parliament will run on a campaign to end sex in the graveyard.

Frankly, if a male corpse can get it up and impregnate a female corpse it proves this particular man really has the ability to keep a firm grip on his body even after death. Arise corpses of the world, you have nothing to lose but your virginity!

Sri Lanka Shelling Of Civilians Goes On Without End

During the past week, we have daily reported examples of shelling by Sri Lanka forces as the last remnants of Tamil Tigers cling to a small piece of territory in the northeast section of the island. Unfortunately, the government is shelling civilians who are unable to escape the end of a brutal civil war which cost the lives of over 70,000 people. Yesterday, doctors reported government forces had shelled a hospital with devastating casualties to civilians. Naturally, the Sri Lanka government insists there were no such shellings and everything is simply Tamil Tiger propaganda. Dr. T. Varaharajah, who works in a hospital just a mile from the front reports: “there were two attacks today” and sixty four civilians were killed and 87 injured.

The people and government of Sri Lanka have every right to feel a sense of vengeance toward the Tamil Tigers for the horror they have caused the nation over the past two decades. But, it is now over and civilians will be part of any reconstruction effort. It is time to reach out in peace and love toward the innocent who suffer just as much as those who are victims of hate.

Dealing With The Horror Of Cambodia and Khmer Rouge

The history of inhumane treatment of people in the twentieth century ranks the murder of 1.8 million people in Cambodia by the infamous Khmer Rouge as among the most brutal. Khmer Rouge slaughtered their own people on spurious charges of being “internal enemies” because they had some education or owned a business or had a farm or said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Kaing Guek Eav, also known as Comrade Duch is on trial for his war crimes. How does one “punish” a man who helped to kill 14,000 people at the Tuoi Sleng prison, most of whom were tortured and brutalized even in death. “My current plea is that I would like you to please leave an open window for me to seek forgiveness” he pleaded with the few who were still alive. Even as he spoke, Prime Minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge official, dismissed the trial as a waste of money. “I wish the court would have a budget shortfall as soon as possible.”

The problem with these trials is executing Eav is a meager way to deal with the terror that was imposed upon the people of Cambodia. The 1.8 million are dead and these pathetic old men who are still alive have long since lost the ability to instill fear among the living. He is a pathetic creature of the night who will soon die, and the wounds of death will linger.

Youth Riots Sweep Greece

A boy was shot by two policemen under circumstances that are still unclear. It is not unusual for police to shoot teenagers, but the shooting several days ago unleashed a storm of anger on the part of Greek youth. LIn an outpouring of rage across Athens, high school and university students joined self styled anarchists in throwing everything from fruit and rocks to Molotov cocktails as fires swept through the city. “Cops! Pigs! Murderers! shouted infuriated teenagers in their desire to wreck mayhem on the nation’s establishment. It is apparent their anger is not merely about the dead fifteen year old, but at the entire government which many regard as incompetent and corrupt. Dozens of shops, banks, and luxury hotels had their windows smashed and burned as students also looted stores including gun shops.

Prime Minister Karamanlis pleased for peace with youth of his nation, but they are upset at everything represented by the current government. Undoubtedly, this anger also reflects confusion and bewilderment at the economic crisis which has impacted the western world. Millions have watched their savings impacted by decisions of those who represent the power of money, and a response is to burn and destroy. We are witnessing an outpouring of fear as much as fury. Perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of a new desire to rethink the nature of government and money in the modern world.

Price Of School Bullying–Death!

Anyone who has ever attended an educational institution in any nation in the world has either experienced or seen bullying of individuals. It is the one universal aspect of education that all students know. Last week, a young boy in a South African school, who was wearing a black mask, stabbed a fellow student to death with a sword. He also wounded three other children. The boy’s parents told the press, “he is very small and short for his age….where we could we defended him and in some instance spoke to the bullies, but we also accepted it as part of life. We never realized the true impact this emotional and physical abuse had on him.” The parents of Morne Harmse, said their son told them, “when I put the mask over my face, everything went dead quiet and only my body moved. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t.”

The parents are upset and confused and, most probably, slightly angry that for years schools did nothing to protect their child from bullies. The Columbine shooting in Denver years ago involved two boys who had been bullied. Teachers or administrators who turn the head so not to see will eventually see the result in a form of violence. Until schools become a community of children and adults the fear of bullies will dominate.

Iranian Gay Teenager Faces Deportation To Death

A gay teenager who sought sanctuary in Great Britain after his boy friend back in Iran was arrested for sodomy and hung now faces the same fate if he is denied refuge in England. He came to the United Kingdom in 2004 to study and shortly after discovered what had happened to his boy friend back in Iran. Fearing for his life, Mr. Mehdi Kazemi, age 19, asked for asylum in England but late in 2007 his plea was turned down. He made a desperate attempt to evade deportation by fleeing to the Netherlands where hs is now being detained. There is a growing furor among concerned people in the Netherlands to protect the boy from certain death if he is returned to Iran.

In his letter to the British government, Mr. Kaxemi,notes, “I did not come to the UK to claim asylum. I came here to study aand return to my country. But in the past few months my situation back home has changed. The Iranian authorities have found out that I am a homosexual and they are looking for me…I will be arrested and executed like my former boyfriend.”

Peter Tatchell, of the gay rights campaign group Outrage, blames the British government for instituting policy of cutting back on the number of asylum seekers for the plight of the Iranian teenager. This is a sad story from a nation that historically has offered refuge for thousands of people who faced death or imprisonment if returned to their native land. Karl Marx must be weeping up in heaven at this outrageous example of denial of human rights.

The Price Men Pay for Iraq Service

A soldier died while at Ft. Knox in Kentucky, he died sitting in a chair where he had been left alone for hours, he died in his sleep. The parents of Sgt. Cassidy charge their son who had returned from Iraq with brain damage suffered from one of those roadside bombs, was left uncared for and in pain due to inadequate care by medical personnel at the hospital. Although army regulations require wounded soldiers to be seen at least twice daily, Sgt. Cassidy told h is parents there were occasions when he was not seen for at least two days. The initial autopsy revealed he had not been checked for at least a few hours. “He died,” said his mother, “because the Army didn’t care for him because he came back from Iraq and they killed him.”

At this point, it is uncertain exactly how this soldier died, but initial evidence suggests there was inadequate care while he was in the hospital. His parents believe there was failure to ensure he was taking his medicine and that, given his condition, Cassidy probably should have been placed in a room with a buddy. The real problem is that men like Cassidy are placed in a dirty war fought for ambiguous reasons by leaders who have no idea how to terminate the conflict other than to go on and on.