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Anti-Putin Book You Can’t Buy!

A few months ago Boris Nemtsov published a white paper on the Vladmir Putin years that he considered to be so inflammatory that he cut his ties with the Union of Right Forcees party in order to spare it retaliation on the part of Putin. All Russian bookstores have refused to carry the book whose title has been variously translated into English as “Putin: The Results,” It is available in Russian and English on the blog of La Russophobe.

Nemtsov claims the Putin era ushered in an unprecedented corruption that may have totaled about $300 billion a year. He points out life expectancy of Russians has dropped to 59 for males and smoking, drinking, and the collapse of the health care system have seriously impacted the lives of ordinary Russians.

The justice system obeys the Kremilin causing “collapse of the idea of the supremacy of the law” and the constitution has been “trampled into the dust.”Russia’s infrastructure has been seriously ignored as illustrated that Finland has more paved roads than Russia.

Nemtsov accuses Putin of fearing China so much that he has given them many concessions which, in the long run, will backfire on Russian interests. In fact, Putin is terms a “Chinese agent of influence.” The tragedy is that Russians increasingly are unable to access information on a daily basis as to what is happening in their own country.