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Belt An Abusive Husband Says Muslim Cleric

Sunni Islam’s highest religious authority has made clear a Muslim woman has the right to defend herself against an abusive husband. If a husband uses physical violence against his wife, “a wife has the legitimate right to hit her husband in order to defend herself,” said Sheikh Abdel Hamid al-Arash, who heads Al Azhar’s committee for fatwas(religious rulings). The religious leader made clear that “everyone has a right to defend themselves, whether they be man or woman.” Prominent Turkish Muslim preacher and writer, Fethullh Gulen, went a step further and urged women to repay violence with interest. “She should give back two blows for each one received.”

Now that clerics have determined women have a right to fight back, will they grant women in Saudi Arabia the right to drive a car? Surely, if a woman can punch a man in the face, she must be qualified to drive a car!