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Grand Old Party Fights to Defeat Health Care

The Republican party for eight years has blasted Democrats for failing to cease attacking the Bush administration and playing partisan games rather than uniting to ensure what is best for the nation. Of course, when it comes to the art of cynical politics, there is no doubt Republicans are unmatched in the political history of this country. Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, captured the essence of Republican patriotism by openly saying if his party can defeat the proposed Obama health insurance program, it “will be his Waterloo, it will break him.” One can just imagine if a Democrat had uttered such words about George Bush during the fighting in Iraq. During the past few months right wing pundits, the health insurance industry, and Republican politicians have engaged in a campaign to distort the issue of health care and spread fear and distrust within the population.

Let’s examine their claims:

1. A national health insurance option is an example of “socialism.” Nations throughout the world including many which are based on free enterprise principles offer their population a national health insurance option.
2. National health insurance means “government bureaucrats” dictate health care instead of physicians. Anyone who had been to doctors during the past half century either experienced or knows a family member who experienced a health insurance company bureaucrat who dictated medical practice.
3. National health insurance will destroy the quality of America’s health. The most significant figure on health is life expectancy. The United States used to lead the world in this category but has fallen behind nations such as Japan or the Netherlands.
4. People will have to wait to see a doctor. I suggest anyone who believes there is no waiting in America to visit your nearest emergency ward where spending a day to get medical assistance is not unusual. Actually, people in other nations have greater access to preventive aid than do Americans.

President Obama put it as clear as one can when he noted “if we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every day.”