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Canceled March Draws Crowd In Moscow

A scheduled march by those in opposition to the Putin regime attracted the attention of over 300 police and hundreds of reporters since it was an unusual occurrence in democratic Russia– people actually marching openly in protest against the government! Organizers of the march were denied a permit and had to cancel at the last minute but hundreds of reporters were there where they milled around with policemen who had hoped to beat up a few marchers. A man committed the heinous crime of unfurling a banner which read, “Free Russia” and was led away by the police before he could spread any other filthy comments about his nation.

Organizers of the march learned opposition leader Gary Kasparov would have been arrested had the march taken place. There was fear if the march went on, many people would be physically assaulted and sent to jail. The Putin regime has undoubtedly brought a sense of stability to Russia, but the price has been to decimate the budding democracy that was born in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union.