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Copenhagen Violates Female Rights!

The city of Copenhagen refused to take action to end blatant discrimination against females. Copenhagen will not install gender-equal crosswalk signals on grounds that this significant blow for equality is not worth the effort. The city government refuses to install crosswalk signals showing a dress-clad female figure. “It’s not that we’re against the idea per se, but we’d rather try to do m ore concrete things to promote equality between the sexes.” Yeh, they want to do things like getting women into higher level executive positions or extending paternity leave, but how could those minor examples of equality compare to having a female figure being displayed every day in the cause of safety?

This just goes to show how man continue to focus on the wrong things when it comes to female equality. We need female figures on those traffic signals. It will inspire young girls not only to walk safely, but to feel pride that women are directing traffic, not men!!

Need A Job– Hop Over To Denmark!

The government of Denmark has decided to institute a program of enticing foreign students to live and work in their nation due to the declining number of qualified people in the labor market. Science Minister Heige Sander announced plans to offer grants to top international students who would come to Denmark to study if they agreed to remain and become part of the work force. “We have to make it more interesting to foreign students to come to Denmark. We would like to introduce labor market scholarships to the most qualified students from China and the United States, for example.” As part of this effort more courses taught in English would become part of Danish university offerings.

The reality is a declining population in many parts of Europe due to low birth rates so it is inevitable that highly qualified educated people from other societies would be offered opportunities to fill the gap left by low population increases.

Honor Killing Figures Rise In Denmark

The growth in Muslim population in Denmark has resulted in an increase in concern about the concept of “honor killings” among inhabitants. Over the past four years there has been almost a three hundred percent increase in calls for help from women and over 400 crimes registered that related to this issue. Kristeligt Degblad newspaper reports the National Organization of Shelters for Battered Women and Their Children (LOKK) counselled 101 people in 2005 who knew someone or who were themselves trapped in such a situation. Many of the calls come from young Muslim immigrant women who have met and fallen in love with a Danish man and now find themselves threatened by family members.

According to LOKK personnel, “there have been threats about locking them up or sending them back to their homeland. We also see threats of violence.” Since 2006, the National Police’s investigation unit has registered more than 400 honor crimes in Denmark ranging from threats and violence to forced marriage.

Danish Free Speech Threatened By Muslim Fanatics

The vast majority of Muslims in Denmark believer fervently in free speech, but a vocal minority has been able to spark anger toward Danish newspapers which dared to print the controversial cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad carrying a bomb in his turban. The Danish Free Press Society has been attempting to reprint the cartoon as part of an effort to raise money in support of free speech. They were unable to find a single printer in Denmark who would take the job and had to go out of the country in order to get it printed. The essence of a free speech is being able to print one’s ideas and these religious demagogues have been able to intimidate printers so what they don’t want printed, is not.

Lars Hdegaard, put it directly to the Danish government: “I’d like to ask Danish politicians what they plan to do to ensure that Constitutionally protected freedom of speech does actually exist.” The Jyland Posten reprinted the cartoon.

Many Muslims protested the appearance of the cartoon as insulting to their religion. Visit any Muslim society, pick up a newspaper or magazine and you will discover numerous vicious anti-Jewish cartoons. Why aren’t Muslims protesting against those cartoons?

Masked Muslim Woman In Chador Threatens Bus!

The masked Muslim raider boarded the bus cleverly disguised behind her chador and awaiting an opportunity to sneak up behind the bus driver and say, “boo!” A Muslim family in the liberal city of Copenhagen was shocked when a bus driver refused to continue driving unless the mother who was wearing a traditional headscarf got off the bus. Houria Nouioua was told by the young bus driver that she could not travel on his bus because she was wearing a niqab- a traditional Muslim veil that covers the face. He said the rules of the bus company forbid anyone to ride on the bus if he or she was masked. The bus remained stationary for about 15 minutes as even passengers berated the bus driver for his insensitivity and irrational behavior.

The bus driver said he was told masks were forbidden and the woman wore a mask. I assume he also believes that criminals take their children with them when getting ready to hold up a bus.

Denmark Adopts Same Sex Adoption

There is now a parliamentary majority in Denmark which supports the principle of same sex adoption. The proposal would give partners registered in civil unions the right to adopt unrelated children both domestically and internationally. Denmark law currently allows individuals to adopt regardless of sexual orientation and for couples to adopt their partner’s existing children. The new proposal simply allows any civil union to adopt children. Denmark will shortly join other Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Iceland in allowing such adoptions.

The movement toward extending equal rights to all people regardless of their sexual orientation is progressing, perhaps slowly, but it proceeds and within a decade this issue will not longer be of importance in most nations of the industrial world.

Muslims And Jews Fight Racism In Denmark

One of the ongoing false beliefs in the Middle East by both Israelis and Arabs is the inability of both groups to work in a cooperative manner to further the cause of peace. The Jewish Community in Denmark has forged an alliance with the United Council of Muslims (MFR) to campaign against all forms of racism in the country. It is not just a fight to bridge differences between the two religions, but to confront racism in any form. Finn Schwartz of the Jewish Community, emphasizes, “it is a collaboration on racism and deals with anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. For the Muslims the campaign is aimed at Danish society, while Jews want to address the genera prejudices and pre-conceptions in society as well as Muslims’ anti-Semitism.”

Both groups believe the media has focused too much on conflict between Muslims and Jews while ignoring all aspects of racism in society. To the extent that racism ends in a society, to that extent will prejudice against Muslims and Jews come to an end.

More Youth In Danish Prisons

An increasing phenomenon in the world is the rise in numbers of young people winding up in jail. National institutions for young offenders in Denmark are operating at full capacity so much that 240 young criminals were sent to adult prisons. A spokesperson for the criminal youth office insists they are being sent there temporarily until space opens in prisons that serve young offenders. In 2007 about 164 youths were sent to adult prisons but in 2008 the figure had risen to 240. Naturally, the problem will be solved by building more prisons in order to handle more prisoners.

Isn’t is about time to return to ground zero and ask other questions. The issue is not whether to build more or fewer prisons for youth, but how does society invent new ways of dealing with youthful criminals without sending them to jail. For example, drug laws wind up sending thousands of young people in America to jail. Make drugs legal and 700,000 “criminals” depart from American prisons. Shouldn’t we examine which laws these young people break and find ways to employ alternative approaches to “punishment” that does not entail going to jail?

Night Owls Hoot Away In Denmark

An interesting experiment on the streets of Narrebro involves a group of adults dressed in distinctive yellow jackets wandering the streets and offering their presence to assist any young person who feels the need to reach out for help. There are at least 7,000 Night Owls in 223 local associations and they are on the streets to offer advice or to serve as a deterrent when a few young people are getting ready to engage in violence. Teams composed of women from various ethnic backgrounds have proven to be of great value in many situations and apparently young boys and girls trust them to serve as guides. However, a recent outbreak of violence is now compelling Night Owls to abandon the streets because they have never viewed their role to be an active force such as the police when violence occurs.

The problem with depending on volunteers is that at some point, it requires police when things get rough. It might be more beneficial to develop police teams known as Night Owls because in many cases it is lack of communication between law enforcement and youth in ethnic groups which is at the base of trouble.

Denmark Fails Its Own Citizenship Test

A new citizenship test being given to immigrants to Denmark has raised many issues due to mistakes on the test which resulted in some immigrants failing when they were right or failing because the question was wrong. The regulation requires a correct answer on 32 of the 50 questions but many students are complaining they were given incorrect test questions. It is always fascinating when test makers apparently don’t research the questions to ensure there is only one possible answer. Danish test makers made several mistakes concerning Danish history.

If Danish test makers have erroneous questions because of mistakes about Danish history does this suggest that immigrants should make the Danish citizenship test and it should be given to Danes, not immigrants?