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X Marks Spot Of Danish X Files

The Danish government has decided to release its entire X Files dealing with alien sightings in the nation. Although the 329 pages of data compiled by government bodies to examine supposed sightings of unusual phenomena do not reveal any example of an alien actually being encountered the inability to explain away each and every example undoubtedly will send X File supporters into ecstasy since there are now government admitted examples of unexplained incidents involving aliens. The file covers the years 1979 to 2002 and it is clear most of the “sightings” could not be explained. Of course, one reason they could not be explained is because they never happened and how does one investigate a non-event? For example, in 1985, a fifteen year old boy claimed to have seen five “humanoid” figures standing over a fallen disc. Prove that the boy never saw them.

Let’s face it, humans, why would any sensible life form wish to come to this planet with its non-ceasing wars and hate? There are no alien visitors because the Galactic Council has placed Earth on the no-visit list.

Covered Or Uncovered– A Head Is A Head

An historian a hundred years from now will undoubtedly shake her head in bewilderment in reading issues we human deemed of great importance in 2009. Among the most hotly debated issues facing a world in which there is famine, war, and destruction, is the presence of something on top of the head of a woman. It reminds one of the classic “hair battles” of the 1960s in which leaders of nations had to take a stand regarding the exact length of hair that fell within the domain of being proper attire. Three Danish lawyers entered a court room wearing a headscarf to protest current discussions in Parliament over a law that would ban political or religious symbols in a court of law. Janus Malcolm Peterson said he wore the headscarf because; “We trust that the judges understand how they should be dressed in court without introducing legislation about it.”

The Judge, to his credit, ignored this childish display of pique over nothing. If the issue is how does one dress in a court of law, then judges ordinarily make such decisions. Of course, it is ridiculous for parliaments to have such discussions, but there is a point in banning all displays of religion in a secular court of law. The entire matter is a storm in a teacup and much ado about nothing. How about dealing with poverty for a few moments?

School Prayer Issue Arises In Denmark

Since the end of World War II, Europe has undergone a dramatic revolution in terms of religion and multi-cultural groups within society. It has also witnessed a dramatic decline in church attendance as a higher percent of the population, although Christian, do not wish religion to be part of public institutions. A public school in Jutland has become the center of controversy when some parents complained their children were compelled each morning to recite the “Our Father” prayer. There has never been a legal decision regarding whether or not Danish schools can require children to say prayers.

One would assume the Danish parliament would render a decision on this issue, but there are few politicians who dare to venture into this controversial issue. According to Marianne Jelved, education spokesperson for the Social Socialist People’s Party, “the issue is completely and exclusively a local one.” She argued Parliament should not become involved in dealing with school issues.

The United States has faced this issue and its decision is that while schools can teach about religion, they can not propogate any religion in classrooms. It is a sensible ruling and avoids religious confrontation which inevitably will emerge in Denmark regardless of the refusal of its parliament to take a stand.

Headscarf Wars In Denmark

Perhaps, since the sixties when adults became furious at long hair worn by young boys and girls leading even judges to force haircuts for those up for trial has there been such controversy as to what happens on the head of people. Denmark has banned its judges from wearing a headscarf in a courtroom on grounds it is necessary to ensure the accused peace of mind the judge is impartial and will not use an individual’s religion in rendering decisions. Brian Mikkelsen, Minister of Justice, argued: “we’re addressing the rise of religious fundamentalism in the public domain.” So, what is the relation between religious fundamentalism and a judge wearing a headscarf?

The law has been criticized by a host of lawyers and judges who believe it insults every judge by assuming the individual’s religious beliefs would enter into making judicial decisions. The entire issue arose because a single Muslim woman said if she became a judge she would wear the headscarf. Certainly, before making such rash decisions it might be advisable to wait until at least one defendant raises a complaint?

Denmark Will Control Asylum Seekers

Historically, an asylum seeker was an individual who fled his native country due to fear of being imprisoned, beaten or killed. Many nations welcomed such individuals and allowed them to find peace and security in their midst. The Danish government is proposing new legislation which will compel asylum seekers who were initially denied the right to reside in Denmark to wear a monitored electronic ankle bracelet in order to keep tabs on their movements. Ordinarily, if an asylum seeker poses a threat to security or has committed a serious crime their application is denied. Some are allowed to remain in Denmark with a “resigned residence” permit if they face retribution back in their homeland.

Modern concerns about security and feelings toward terrorists suggest wearing ankle bracelets may not be the worse manner in which to treat someone who seeks security in another land. The real question is why someone is denied asylum but still allowed to reside in Denmark.

Prostitutes In Denmark Up In Arms

Danish prostitutes are infuriated at websites set up by the Social Affairs Ministry which makes negative remarks concerning the ancient and noble profession they pursue. The government program seeks to discourage young people from purchasing sex but the Sexarbejdernes Interesse Organization insists the government campaign spreads malicious information that is not accurate. The prostitutes were particularly upset at website claims they suffer from “shell shock, lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps. In retaliation, the organization of prostitutes has placed on the Internet their own website which they argue offers a more balanced view of prostitution.

The battle of the sexes regarding prostitution goes back hundreds, if not, thousands of years. In olden times, it was one of the few occupations open to women. If the issue is does an occupation result in lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps, one can certainly cite several business organizations in which men and women both suffer from these maladies.

Danish Solution-Home Grown Workers

Denmark, like most European nations, is confronting serious labor shortages, but its government has decided to look inward rather than outward for solutions. Denmark’s business community is importing fewer and fewer workers from other nations. For example, only four foreign nurses have been hired in the nation’s hospitals over the past year”We’ve chosen to increase our focus on maintaining the employees were already have over putting more effort into securing foreign labor,” said Jorgen Schwensen a Human Resource manager in Copenhagen.

Denmark tried bringing in doctors from India but after evaluating the project concluded important foreign doctors created cultural issues that were not worth the effort. Denmark’s approach raises interesting questions as to whether nations should be investing in job retraining and education for its own work force prior to seeking elsewhere.

Danish Journalists Warn Of Swedish Surveillance

Danish journalists warned members of the Danish Union of Journalists(DJ) that recent legislation passed by the Swedish government poses threats to freedom of the press. Under new Swedish laws, its country’s intelligence services will be able to monitor all correspondence going in and out of the nation and that would include phone calls made by journalists from Denmark to their colleagues or sources in Sweden. The Danish journalists now fear that a phone call made within Denmark might be intercepted if its signal passes through Swedish air or cyberspace.

Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, president of DJ, warned “there could be a story within public administration or within a company where the source wants to pass on information anonymously.” In such situations, due to the new laws, these people might decide to remain silent for fear of having their presence known to superiors or authorities. Each time democratic societies decide to erode civil liberties in the name of national security, terrorists chalk up another victory in their fight against democracy.

Ramadan Silly Season In Denmark

Non-Muslims never tire of displaying insensitivity toward a religion whose practices they deem to be medieval or out of touch with modern life. The latest manifestation of stupidity is a recommendation by the Odense City Council in Denmark is recommending that Muslim children be encouraged not to fast during Ramadan due to fears somehow not eating during the day will be harmful to health. The Children and Youth Committee believes “children who aren’t eating during the day” will make it not “possible to lean on an empty stomach without being tired and rundown.” That is why they want to “stress to parents that it’s not an acceptable behavior.”

A a Jew who has fasted on Yom kippur and either attended or taught school, let me inform the concerned parents of this Danish community it would be wise for them to focus on their own religion instead of butting into those of others. How about an information campaign to Christian parents informing them giving children candy on Christmas will be damaging to their health?

Asylum Seekers Face Deportation

These days in Europe, virtually every nation has a political party or movement whose goal is to rid the country of all them “furriners.” Denmark has been a haven for hundreds who are seeking a port of refuge in a world that looks askance at anyone who stands up for human rights. Unfortunately, the asylum seekers reached Denmark only to encounter the problem of having their requests turned down for permanent residence. Denmark’s government is unable to force Iraqi asylum seekers to return unless they can arrange an agreement with the Iraqi government to allow their return. The Danish ambassador is now working on such an agreement.

Once an agreement is reached it will only be a matter of days before these Iraqi refugees are back in Iraq. Some of the Iraqis who will be returned have been in Denmark for years and the prospect of returning to the war torn land is anything but welcome news. A few hundred human beings, a land of millions, but apparently no room for generosity of spirit.