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Homophobic Attacks On Rise In Denmark

The National Association for Gays and Lesbians(LBL) claims there has been a significant rise in the number of attacks against gay people in Copenhagen in the past few years. The municipality of Copenhagen only recently ever got around to classifying cases of hate crimes and discrimination against homosexuals. During the last month alone there were 62 hate crimes committed against gay people in the city of Copenhagen. Some experts believe the figure might be higher since some crimes are not being reported. LBL is concerned at the lack of any reporting system in Denmark concerning violence against gays and lesbians.

Orestedsparken which is located in the heart of Copenhagen is a well known center for gays and lesbians. It has become the scene of attacks on homosexuals. The LBL is urging introduction of courses on sexual issues within the schools of Denmark to raise awareness among the young about the danger of prejudice and bigotry.

Immigrants To Denmark-Who Is Happy? Unhappy?

In 2001, a Conservative-Liberal government assumed power and promised the people of Denmark it would take action to reduce immigration.In 2001, the Immigration service issued 36,000 permanent and temporary residence permits, in 2007, it issued 58,000. In order to make it more difficult to obtain “family reunification residence permits,” age limits were established as well as more stringent rules to ensure immigrants would have greater ties to Denmark than to any other nation. It is now clear there are loop holes in immigration polices such as having foreign nationals study temporarily in Denmark.

Denmark is encountering dramatic increases in the number of immigrants who are entering with study and work permits from nations like Turkey, Pakistan and other areas which have strong contingents already established in Denmark. The push for immigrants comes from businessmen who need workers they just can not find in Denmark. Universities are anxious to increase enrollments and they are reaching out to other parts of the world for students.

The modern world of post industrial societies always shows the same pattern. Business simply can not obtain the needed workforce from existing communities and reaches out across national borders. The unasked question is what would happen if there was a dramatic economic collapse.

Danish Politicians Argue Over Who Is Anti-Muslim

Kristian Dahl of the Danish People’s Party sent out a press release saying he regetted his coment the previous day that the party was “anti-Muslim.” He noted, “if I had to do it over I would have chosen a different ways of saying it.” He was commenting after Birthe Ronn Hombech, of the Liberal Party, called the DPP “fanatically anti-Muslim.” Dahl explained the source of his anti-Muslim feeling in the following way: “We are in many ways anti-Muslim becassue we can see some deeply problematic things about the way Islam functions. When we fight against 10 year-old girls getting castrated or are against segregated swimming classes, then it is those types of examples I think of when I say we are anti-Muslim.”

In a sense, Dahl raises important issues. What if an individual finds a group’s practices violate his/her own sense of democracy and respect for human dignity. If the individual makes comments about the practices, does that mean the person is biased and prejudiced or does it convey a sense the person simply does not agree with certain religious practices.

Headscarf Issue Divisive One In Denmark

Denmark’s Minister of Integration, Berthe Ronn Hornbech urged her fellow members of parliament to rethink the entire issue of whether Muslim women can wear the headscarf in certain areas of society such as the courtroom. “The headscarf has turned into an antagonistic picture in the debate. A debate that has turned not only against Muslims, but against all believers.” Ms. Hornbech, a member of the Liberal Party, fears discriminating against Muslim women will result in many talented females opting out of important roles in Danish society.

Inger Stojberg, another member of the Liberal Party, said the party has been discussing this issue without coming to a resolution of which way they will decide. “Personally,” said Stojberg, “I do not think religious symbols belong in the courtroom.” There is considerable evidence that Hornbech’s views may not necessarily reflect those of most Danish people.

Danish Version Of States Rights On Integration!

In a scene invoking memories of school boycotts by American parents in urban areas, the city of Copenhagen will shortly encounter its own version of parental opposition to integration of children. Up to this point in time, Danish parents have the right of free choice in deciding where their children attend school. However, the City Council of Copenhagen is poised to change the situation by compelling children to attend schools to which they are assigned. Jan Andrason, of the city’s Children and Youth Committee, said “If we’re going to have a real community school then everyone in the local districts should be represented. Integration will only succeed if parents don’t flee from their local schools.”

Many Danish parents do not want their children attending schools in which there are many Muslim students. Thomas Petersen, of the parent organization, School and Society, emphasized: “We already have a very large number of parents applying to send their kids to private schhools and I think this proposal would just make the situation even worse.” The final decision will be made by the Education Ministry of Denmark. Hopefully, the end result will not be similar to what has happened in all too many American urban school systems.

Should A Judge Be Allowed To Wear A Headscarf?

The world is confronting a devastating food crisis, energy costs keep rising, millions of children throughout the planet are working or lack access to a school, but the people of Denmark have undoubtedly identified a major concern facing humanity– the headscarf! A large majority of Danish people indicated they oppose allowing a female Danish judge to wear a headscarf. The Danish govlernment is taking action to halt a recent decision by the Court Administration which said it was OK for a female judge to have her head covered with a headscarf. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen made known his strong oppositon to the ruling. Justice Minister Lene Esperson said: “Citizens are very conscious that a court of law shuld be impartial. The people won’t accept that political conviction or religion is allowed to reign over a place dedicated to strict, neutral decision making.”

Poll results indicated among those aged 18-25 nearly 75% said it made no difference to them what was on the head of a judge while only 16% of those over 65 had similar feelings.

There is an assumption that wearing a headscarf is a political statement which indicates strong bias on the part of a Muslim female judge. Unless, the case involved wearing a headscarf, what exactly is the poltical statement made by wearing a headscarf? One can assume many Danish judges wear a cross or a star under their shirt or blouse. Does the cross or star reflect a bias that would play out against a defendant?

It is time for European society to cease engaging in much ado about nothing and cease creating these storms in a teacup issues.

P.S. Out of curiosity, exactly how many Danish judges are female Muslims who wear a headscarf? Just asking.

Denmark Moves Toward Dual Citizenship Rights

Foreigners living in Denmark have been compelled to give up their original citizenship in order to obtain Danish citizenship. The New Alliance, the nation’s newest political party, is preparing to introduce new legislation in parliament which would make dual citizenship legal in their nation. Current laws forbid a Danish person living in another country to take citizenship in that nation without surrendering their Danish rights. Mikhail Godfredsen, a political consultant with the new Alliance points out: “We’re more or less living in a world without borders nowadays. The current law is somewhat obsolete when we have so many Danes working and living abroad or married to a foreigner. You don’t give up your nationality just because you live elsewhere.”

The new legislation would allow foreigners working in Denmark to secure all rights of a Danish citizen including the right to vote. Naturally, opponents will bring up the issue of terrorists, but most European nations allow dual citizenship and they are not being disturbed by terrorists.

Danish Reporter Meets Texas Justice!

A Danish reporter for the Ritzau Bureau was covering the Democratic primary campaign in Texas and the meeting between his nation’s prime minister and President Bush when he suddenly became acutely aware he was not in the quiet saftey of Denmark but in the rough and tumble world of Texas. Terkel Svensson was having difficulty getting connected to the Internet on his laptop computer so he committed the dangerous act of stepping outside to make a phone call. Inadvertently, he stepped into a woman’s garden and was confronted by the sight of a woman waving a gun at him and shouting, “Get off my property.”

Mr. Svensson naturally beat a hast retreat from having his feet planted onto good Texas soil and planted them onto the safe environment of the pavement. Texas law allows residents to defend their property from tresspassers with deadly force. Hopefuly, Texas residents can sleep peacefully tonight knowing the Danish invasion of their homeland has been successfully thwarted due to the sharp eyes of a woman and her gun. The NRA is always right, people have a right to defend themselves from those Danes!

Good News For Bush-A European Leader Backs Him!

The vast majority of European leaders have been expressing negative feelings toward the Iraq war and the Bush administration, but Denmark’s prime minister expressed support for Bush policies and urged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to adhere to the wisdom of their beloved president. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ramussen spoke out against the attitudes of Obama and Clinton during a visit to Washington D.C. He cautioned against their comments to pull out of Iraq. “These type of comments are what candidates say during an election campaign. But the reality is something which a new president will have to accept the rsponsibilities.” He defended both the US and Denmark participation in the conflict raging in Iraq. “It is the right and moral thing to do in sticking with the job.”

It is one thing for Denmark to send a thousand troops to Iraq, it is another thing for America to confront the reality nearly 4,000 of their sons and daughters have died in a war begun with lies, conducted with lies and incompetence, and lacking an overall plan for resolution. Americans support Danish rights to a free press regardless of whether it assists our military interests, we hope Denmark will support the right of Americans to achieve peace.

CIA Lied To Danish Government About Rendition Flights

A Danish TV documentary aired on Wednesday night has created a storm of protest from Danish government officials and the general public. “The CIA’s Danish Connection” alleges flights operated by the American Central Intelligence Agency used Greenland airports as key refueling points when transporting terrorism suspects without seeking permission from the Danish government. According to the program, at least one of the flights was piloted by an individual who was connected to the kidnappig of a German citizen. The German, Khaled al-Masri, has charged he was kidnapped in 2004 by CIA agents and held for five months in a US operated prison in Afghanistan.

The CIA has left the Danish government holding the proverbial bag. Danish officials have repeatedly told members of parliament that no American flights involved in the rendition of alleged terrorists ever passed through Danish territory. After viewing the documentary, Foreign Minister Per Stig Mailer commented: “This is evidence that I haven’t seen before. The evidence shows that the US has used civillian aircraft for government flights.”

The Danish government issued a statement to the nation: “There should be no doubt about what the govenment’s position. We do not see lightly on illegal transports. The govenment is categorically opposed to actions that violate the detained’s rights– including illegal prisoner transports.”

Riht wing American pundits undoubtedly will begin their mantra about the “ticking bomb” which necessitated lying to the Danes. It is pleasant seeing a government when confronted with evidence accepting responsibility and pledging the mistake will not be repeated.