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Sweden To Deport Iranian Feminist Activist-To Death??

Rana Karimzadeh during her three years in Sweden has become a focal point in the fight to defend the rights of Muslim women, activities that have resulted in considerable hostility among Iranian fundamentalists. However, this fighter for women rights has been denied a Swedish resident permit on grounds returning an opponent of fundamentalism will face no consequence in Iran! Her request to stay was dealt a blow when the Migration Board denied it on grounds her struggle to protect Muslim female rights and opposition to imam education in Islamic schools in Sweden will apparently not upset Iranian clerics. A supporter, Anders Finstrom noted: “the court’s ruling is completely wrong. It’s extremely dangerous for Rana Karimzadeh to return to Iran.”

The Iranian government has been jailing feminist leaders in their country and certainly would place Ms. Karimzadeh in that category. She knows full well “I’m expecting to be punished for my opinions and my political activity.” What do these complacent Europeans believe is happening in Iran?