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Should Canada Deport US War Resisters?

The Canadian government is prepared to deport US soldiers who fled to their country because they believe the war in Iraq is a criminal action. The War Resisters Support Campaign says former soldier, Cliff Cornell, has been told he must leave Canada by December 24 or face removal by force. The organization is asked Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to halt all deportation of war resisters. They want federal authorities to implement a motion passed by the Canadian parliament in June to prevent deportation of “conscientious objectors” to wars not sanctioned by the United Nations and they should be allowed to apply for permanent resident status. Kenney’s office insists US military deserters are not genuine refugees.

During the war in Vietnam, the people of Canada welcomed American deserters who fled the horror of that war, but today, the Canadian government is refusing to recognize the horror of Iraq and Afghanistan. Any soldiers who deserts knows he/she faces serious jail time so to make that decision entails careful consideration of what is right or wrong in life. It is a conscious decision by individuals who are conscientious objectors.

Sudan Asylum Seekers In England Returned To Torture

Asylum seekers in England from the Sudan and Darfur are being returned to certain beatings and torture by the same intelligence figures who are sponsoring attacks upon the people of Darfur. The Aegis Trust, a charity campaigning against genocide in Darfur, has documentary evidence of people who were deported from England back to the Sudan only to be brutally assaulted by members of the Sudan intelligence. As one man stated: “They tied my legs and hung me upside down. They would leave me like that sometimes six or seven hours, sometimes all day.” The Aegis Trust has been smuggling out of the Sudan people who were deported from England.

England is the land which in the 1840s gave refuge to Karl Marx, a German revolutionary, and founder of communism. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the people of Great Britain have offered a warm welcome and refuge to those fleeing brutal dictatorships. It is shocking that the Gordon Brown government continues Tony Blair’s policy of returning dissidents to the horror of the Sudan. It is the Sudanese government which sponsors genocide in Darfur. Can anyone expect such a government to behave with decency and restraint towards individuals who sought asylum abroad?