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Asylum Seeker In UK Beaten By Security Forces

For over two hundred years Great Britain has been a sanctuary to those fleeing oppression and even refugees like Karl Marx were afforded a place of refuge on its shores. Anseime Noumbiwa, a refugee from the Cameroons, fled his country in search of escape from torture and brutality, but British immigration officials denied his claim for asylum. He was forced on a plane where upon resisting, security forces beat him in an effort to make him accept deportation. Fortunately, plane staff refused to allow him to be forced on the plane and he was returned. On the second attempt to force him to get on a plane, he was again beaten. When he was forced on an Air France plane, passengers intervened to prevent him from being sent to certain torture.

This is an incident about brutality toward a human who was being sent back to torture, but, unfortunately, it is not the first such case to come out of the UK in recent months. There have been several such incidents in which people were forcibly deported regardless of the risk to their lives. Certainly, this is not in the historic spirit of Great Britain as the home for those fleeing oppression.