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Religious Wars Continue Between Romney And Huckabee

At as time when war rages in Iraq and Afghanistan, bridges collapse in America, 45 million people lack medical insurance, 74% of students graduate from high school, the main issues of the election according to Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney is the place of Jesus Christ. In an article that will appear this Sunday in The New York Times, Huckabee is reported to ask: “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?” An angry Mitt Romney decried the attack by Huckabee on the Mormon religion and claimed, “I think attacking someone’s religion is really going too far.” Huckabee responded by stating the quote was taken out of context and he really was trying to get Romney to speak honestly about the Mormon religion.

There is something very sad about this exchange between two men who believe they are qualified to become the president of the United States. Neither man will confront real issues, neither man will present an informed program on dealing with Iraq or Afghanistan, neither man has the semblance of an intelligent plan for dealing with health insurance other than a ridiculous belief tax credits will help poor people purchase medical coverage. Instead, both plunge into the cesspool of mud and slime as though Americans really care which one is closer to Jesus Christ. It is certain that Christ at this moment is hanging his head in sorrow at the spectacle of these men arguing about non-issues in His name.

Singapore Woman Sues Over Botched Exorcism

Madam Valli, an inhabitant of Singapore sued the Redemptionist Church of Novena for its failure to cast out the evil forces that were controlling her body. She claims the exorcism left her suffering from a Post Traumatic Stress disorder and wants compensation for either was done or what was not done. According to her daughter, in the midst of the exorcism, Madam Valli began shaking the church gates and then fainted. As the trial proceeded there was continuous laughter in the courtroom.

We thought this trial might be an interesting Halloween story. It is unclear as to the exact nature of what was being exorcised other than it was something evil. One can only wonder on this Halloween night if there is a possibility the American people can exorcise the demons of Bush-Cheney from their collective body. We won’t even sue for post traumatic stress since our stress will disappear once the demons have left our community body.