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Zimbabwe Hell Continues

The regime of President Robert Mugabe has been characterized by transforming wealth of the country from the people to a group of thugs and murders who when opposed yell as loud as they can, “we are saving you from colonialism!” The current thievery consists of sending the army and police into diamond mines in the name of “security.” Of course, the “security” they are protecting is the license to steal by members of the Mugabe government, including leaders of the armed forces. A few days ago, the Mugabe government promised to withdraw its forces from the diamond mines, but the current message is we need the police there to maintain law and order. Imagine if legal diamond miners sought the diamonds!!

The Kimberly Process which supervises diamond mining in many areas of Africa says the army and police are guilty of murder, beating and horrific treatment of miners who get in their way. Naturally, the government of neighboring South Africa remains silent as do other democratic African nations. Of course, if European business interests were acting in like manner, the cry of “colonialism” would be heard all over Africa