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Dick Cheney Did Not Chain In CIA Assassination Program

New revelations indicate former vice president Dick Cheney oversaw a program entailing assassination of alleged al-Qaida operatives in all parts of the world. Former intelligence officials claim Cheney modeled the program after the Israeli Mossad which kills those who they regard as enemies regardless of where the individual is living. The Cheney program involved sending operatives into other nations, killing people and never informing the local government of what was going on. There are few people, let alone nations, that Dick Cheney trusts with information so he went ahead having American operatives kill without sanction. One particular killing in Kenya created a diplomatic crisis since Americans never told the Kenya government what was going on. The world can well imagine the reaction of Dick Cheney if foreign operatives killed people in America without letting him know.

Cheney apparently justified violating the law on ground the United States was engaged in a war and therefore the executive has complete discretion to kill whom they deemed justified in being killed. Some members of Congress have finally become angry and aroused at the Bush administration blatant violation of American law which forbids assassinations in other countries.

Anna Eshoo, a Democrat on the House Intelligence committee said: “we need a full investigation” and called for an independent counsel to be appointed. President Obama has refused to proceed with investigating violations of the law on ground it would only be divisive. The president of this nation is responsible for ENFORCING THE LAW regardless of who is inconvenienced or not. It is time for Obama to cease playing the “cool man” and show some anger at the disregard for our Constitution on the part of Bush and Cheney!!

Did Dick Cheney Protect America?

Former vice president Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to hide a highly secret counter-terrorist program from Congress for eight years which raises questions as to whether he violated the law. Democratic Congressional leaders intend to learn more concerning what was the program and why it was necessary to fail to provide information to other branches of the government. The law requires the president to keep Congress “fully and currently informed about the intelligence activities” although it does allow some leeway in “exceptional sensitive matters.” For many years it has been accepted practice for the top eight congressional leaders to be informed about highly secret activities.

Seymour Hersh, the investigative reporter, claims Cheney oversaw an “executive assassination ring” for many years. The group reported directly to the office of the vice president. During World War II, the vice president was never allowed to be the conduit of special secret service operations nor was that policy in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It is time the American public learned what was going on and why the secret operation was under the jurisdiction of the vice president.

P.S. I wonder if George Bush had clearance to learn about an operation led by his vice president?

Cheney Can’t Chain Mouth Of Hate

Former President Bush is undoubtedly clearing brush as I write these words and wondering how he ever got the idea that Dick Cheney would be an excellent vice president. Although, George Bush remains silent in the manner that most ex-presidents do in order to allow a successor to have time to assume the mantle of leadership, Dick Cheney is determined to prove to the American people he never made a mistake although he might now have second thoughts concerning the ability of that guy who sat in the oval office while he ran the nation. He insisted that torture was “the right thing to do” and “saved hundreds of thousands of lives.” Cheney also insisted Obama policies were making the American people less secure.

In his interview, Dick let it all hang out and made certain it was a firm display of the real Dick in operation. After all, if Dick didn’t speak and be upright who would challenge the drooping Democratic display of unpatriotic behavior? As Dick pointed out, waterboarding is really an aid to the person because it causes his physical apparatus to stand tall which inevitably leads to an ejaculation of honesty. If not for the Dick man, thousands of Americans would be limp and downhearted instead of being proud of their display of good old fashioned American patriotism.

God Bless Dick because Dick is the only person in the Republican Party who can speak not merely with forked tongue but keep a hand on the real issues that confront America. Unlike, that traitor Colin Powell who tried to show off his manhood by fighting for his nation, Dick knew one could perform more patriotically in the bathroom by manipulating the gun that fires truth that is known only to a handful of real Americans like Rush Limbaugh. Can’t you just see these two upright men standing tall with hands linked upward and saving America from atheistic militaristic communism? Oops, wrong metaphor, against atheistic militarist Islam.

John McCain Blasts Obama For Being A Coward

Senator John McCain became upset after Senator Obama criticized him for his failure to support the new version of the GI Bill of Rights which guarantees full education scholarships and stipends for all who served in the military for at least three years. In response, the former war hero went on the offensive: “I will not accept from Senator Obama, who did not feel it was his responsibility to serve our country in uniform, any lectures on my regard for those who did.” It was clear Senator McCain regards any criticism about anything to do with his views on the military as giving him the right to attack his opponent.

If one accepts the criticism of McCain, that it is necessary to have served in the military before making comments about it, there are many Republicans who certainly fit into the category of those who didn’t feel it necessary to serve in the military. Vice President Dick Cheney dodged serving during the Vietnam War era on grounds he had “more important things to do,” and President Bush made certain he never got close to combat while in the service.

At present, there are 1.5 million serving in the military out of a population of 300,000.000 which means 99% of the population lacks military service. Few Republcans who are in Congress or members of the Bush administration ever served. One can only assume, according to the McCain criteria, he alone will be qualified to speak about miitary matters in the upcoming election.