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They Love Putin, But Why?

He was an unknown bureaucrat in 1999 when Vladimir Putin was thrust into leadership of Russia at a time when the nation faced instability. Within a few months after becoming prime minister, his approval ratings zoomed up into over 70% and since then the Russian people have continued to believe in his ability to lead Russia. Some critics claim he has ridden the oil price boom which has allowed Russia to enjoy a relatively prosperous period of time — at least for those in charge of the government.

Putin has made a mockery of human rights, he has imprisoned business leaders who dared to challenge his power, and the use of force to impose Russia’s will on areas of the former Soviet Union is all too common. But, they love the man from the old KGB in many parts of Russia. Oh, so a few human rights workers are gunned down, trials are held in which justice is not exactly the norm, but the man who can wrestle his way out of any situation continues to receive high praise from the people of Russia.

He has placed a protege in the role of president of the country and the real unknown is whether the stooge can become a leader who eventually challenges the man pulling the strings of power. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Prime Minister Putin? Just keep your mouth shut and do not challenge his authority and life will be OK.