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Secretary Of State Rice Orders Supervision Of Blackwater

In a long overdue move, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ordered federal agents to ride with Blackwater security guards on trips dealing with transportation of diplomatic personnel. She also had video cameras installed and insisted on close monitoring of communication systems. On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed legislation which would place all private contractors under U.S. criminal statutes.

There are many tragedies in the Blackwater killing of Iraqi citizens including why the Bush administration ever agreed in the first place that private contractors were not to be governed either by military or civilian statutes. This agreement is unprecedented in American history. There is need for a Congressional investigation for the reasons such an agreement was ever made in the first place. In effect, Bush created a new nation — the nation of private contractors who are not bound by law but only by their own interpretation as to how to behave. This is the road to anarchy.