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Combat Veteran Discharged Because He Is Gay!

Lt. Dan Choi became the first New York National Guard member to be discharged from the service because he admitted to being gay. Choi, a 2003 West Point graduate, and a member of the West Point Knights Out group made up of gays and lesbians who graduated from that institution, believes it would be a violation of the Point’s honor code to lie about his sexual orientation. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy according to Choi is “an immoral code that goes against every single thing we were ever taught at West Point with our honor code.” His lawyer, Maj. Roy Diehl commented sarcastically, “they are taking effective troops– and kicking them out , removing them from the force just as effectively as if al-Qaida was blowing them up.”

Lt. Dan Choi spent 15 months leading soldiers in combat and risking his life for his country. Tell me, President Obama, since you never served in the armed forces, do you regard your policy of delay to be immoral since it ends the service of those who risked all for their nation?

Army Fires Gay Soldiers

Congressman Jim Moran charged that the Army discharged 11 soldiers in January who violated the military policy of that openly gay servicemen could not be members of the armed forces. They can remain if the keep secret the reality of who they really are. “How many good soldiers are we willing to lose due to a bad policy that makes us less safe and secure? asked the legislator. The Pentagon policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” was instituted under President Clinton and remains in effect until members of the armed forces and the president can join the world of 2009. During the past ten years about 10,000 men and women who wanted to serve their nation were denied that opportunity because they were honest.

President Obama supposedly is consulting with military officials about changing the policy and allowing members of the military who are honest to serve and be gay. In virtually all other aspects of life, being gay or lesbian does not result in being fired. Why should the military be any different than the rest of American society?