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Admiral Mullen Pledges Respect For Pakistan

Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Pakistan colleagues his nation was committed to a policy which respects the territorial integrity of Pakistan even as President Zardari and military leaders made it plain to the visiting American their intention to fight against any further US military attacks on their soil. It was made clear to Mullen that Islamabad would not compromise on the issue of national sovereignty and wanted an end to American ground and missile attacks. The US embassy issued a statement that said: “Admiral Mullen reiterated US commitment to respect Pakistani’s sovereignty and to develop further US-Pakistan cooperation and co-ordination on these critical issues that challenge the security and well-being of the people of both countries.” Sources indicate there was a blunt exchange between Mullen and Pakistani military leaders.

Within a few hours after the American embassy statement was released there was a new report of a US missile attack in South Waziristan which resulted in the death of about six people. American sources claim the attack with co-ordinated with Pakistan military officials.

Is Chna Serious About Dalai Lama Talks?

A few days ago, the Chinese government expressed a desire to engage in serious discussions with representatives of the Dalai Lama regarding recent events in Tibet as well as its future. But, the state-controlled press continues to heap scorn on the Buddhist leader’s clique as the cause of violence in Tibet last month. “The Dalai clique has always been masters at games with words and the ideas that they have tossed about truly make the head spin,” blasted the People’s Daily. The leading government newspaper warned, “questions of sovereignty are beyond debate and splitting China is sure to fail.” It heaped praise on ethnic Chnese demonstrators who have defended Tibet policies and attacked the world’s media for insulting their nation. “Those who follow national unity are national heroes and those who split the nation are criminals to history.”

The Dalai Lama has made clear his intent is to establish a relationship with China in which local Tibet customs and traditions are respected. He has avoided seeking independence from China knowing full well going in that direction leads nowhere but to failure. The issue is whether or not the Chinese government is willing to engage in meaningful dialogue or is it simply holding talks in order to deflect pressure on the Olympic Games and its opening ceremonies?