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US Nuclear Team In North Korea

A team of US nuclear experts arrived in North Korea today led by Sung Kim, head of the State Department’s Office of Korean affairs. Their task is implementing accords reached regarding dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapon capabilities. According to Christopher Hill who played an important role in negotiations, “Now we are not going to get to normalized full diplomatic relations until North Korea gives up all of its nuclear ambitions and that the last 50 kilos of materials that they already got.” At the same time, Hill recognized Japan’s inability to obtain cooperation from the North Korean government about abductions of Japanese citizens who were kidnapped and brought to North Korea. Hill indicated they would have to proceed with the nuclear dismantling program despite not being able to achieve all goals of negotiation.

The United States insists that nations which are hostile to its national goals must accomplish certain tasks before being considered to be worthy of participating as an equal in world bodies. One can only wonder if the corollary is also true — that the United States must also meet goals before it is recognized as a humane and peaceful society. Does the world have a right to insist America dismantle its military operations in Iraq?