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Divorce, Egyptian Style

Defenders of current Muslim laws and traditions insist women seek to be part of a family oriented society in which female and male roles are understood and respected. But, since we are humans, there are times when marriage becomes a burden some women wish to escape and resume being single. Mahasen Saber, obtained a divorce in Egypt and soon discovered that she was not only a figure of scorn but an object of wonder. Ms. Saber turned to the Internet and created a show entitled, “Radio Divorces” which allows Egyptian women to openly discuss reasons for seeking divorce. Dooaa Eweda, a friend of Saber, argues, “the number of divorced women in the Arab world has risen sharply.” Since 2000, Egyptian women have been legally able to secure a divorce.

Divorce, Egyptian Style for women requires forfeiting all financial rights and returning the dowry. Of course, no such problems impact men who seek divorce and over 80% of divorces are initiated by husbands. It requires up to four years for a woman to get her divorce while men get one within six months. A divorced woman confronts issues of even talking to a man at work without being regarded as engaging in a sexual relationship.

Indonesia Muslim Women Reject Polygamy!

The winds of change are sweeping through Indonesia and impacting the way of thinking of many women. An increasing number of Muslim women are choosing to divorce their husband if he decides to engage in a polygamous marriage with another woman. According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, “there has been a significant increase in divorce because women have been rejecting polygamy in recent years.” Muslim scholar Siti Musadh Mulia, says this may stem from “women are now daring to fight for their rights and reject male domination.” Women may now feel the need to respect the integrity of their feelings and desire a sense of independence rather than believe the man is always right.

Ironically, polygamy is on the rise in Indonesia even as more and more women reject it. The force of media means as women in Indonesia become aware of world wide trends it may impact their own feelings as to their self worth and right to be treated as an independent person.

Indonesia Migrants Add To Divorce Rate

Indonesian officials in central Java are coming across evidence of a correlation between migrant workers and the divorce rate. The divorce rate in Banyumas regency appears to be directly proportional to the number of migrant workers in the region. Joso Isnuoso notes “Divorces are growing by the month, especially when wives return home from working overseas.” He noted it is not unusual for a wive to return home after working for several months thousands of miles away from home and family in a state of pregnancy.In one village here have been over 150 divorce cases since 2000.

A major factor in creating family tensions arises from pay checks. If the wive is away, the husband expects her to regularly send checks and vice versa for a wife. The lure of money is powerful in rural areas of Indonesia where most people live in poverty. But, the price of family disruption is probably one many will risk because the rewards far out shine the consequences.

Greece Moves Ahead On Divorce And Adoption Issues

Historically, European nations that border on the Mediterranean Sea have been politically and socially conservative which has meant issues such as divorce are approached from a conservative viewpoint. However, the current Greek government is moving ahead with plans to modernize their nation’s attitude toward divorce and adoptions. Justice Minister Scotiris Hatzigakis, is submitting legislation to parliament which expedites divorce and allows greater flexibility in case of adoption. Couples seeking a divorce will see their wait time reduced from four to two years. The bill urges both parents to work together on a joint custody approach, but if this is not feasible, one parent might be allowed sole custody.

The law allows a couple living together who are not married to enjoy many rights of married couples since either individual could obtain social benefits from the partner as a married couple currently are able to secure.

Slip Of The Lip Sinks A Newspaper

There are some issues one can discuss in Putin Russia and some one should not unless the individual is seeking a deep freeze in life. The newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent, which revealed to the world the sordid maybe yes, maybe no, story that President Putin was planning to divorce his wife and marrya pretty young gymnast, is now offcially closed down for business. Its demise came shortly after Putin told journalists it was unacceptable to pry into his private life with “snotty noses and erotic fantasies.” He denied divorcing his wife, Ludmilia in order to marry 24 year-old gymnast, Alina Kabaeva. The head of the newspaper’s company, Artem Artemov, said the paper was being “temporrily halted” due to financial reasons.

Sergey Topoi, who wrote the story, said he was reporting for work because “I heard the newspaper had been suspended but not closed down.” He claimed the story came from an informed source.

Oh well, in Putin Russia, keep your wild fantasies to yourself.