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Kidnapped Doctor Forced To Marry In Bangladesh

Dr. Huumaryra Abedin left her position in Great Britain as a doctor in order to rush back for a visit to her mother who reportedly was ill. It was the normal consideration any daughter would feel for her mother, but little did the doctor grasped her parents had other thoughts in their mind than a visit from their daughter. They were upset at reports she was dating a Hindu in England, and once in Bangladesh, they forced her to marry a man of their choosing, a nice Muslim boy, that is. Dr. Abedin was able to get off a text message seeking help and the British government intervened and persuaded a Bangladesh court to obtain Dr. Abedin’s release from captivity and return to the United Kingdom.

Back in London, Dr. Abedin, announced: “On 14 November 2008, I was forced to marry a person of my parens’ choice. I was removed to another province of Bangladesh. I entered into the marriage under duress. I did not consent to the marriage.” She is having the marriage voided.

After news of what happened to Dr. Abedin became known, the number of phone calls to the forced marriage hotline in England witnessed heavy traffic. This is the year, 2008, not 1498.