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New Turkish Program To Curb Domestic Violence Against Women

Nimet Cubukcu, Turkey’s Minister in charge of women’s affairs, says domestic violence is a key issue in her nation. Since October, half of the 1,244 women who requested safe haven at the Mor Cati Women Shelter Association were fleeing from domestic violence issues. Ms. Cubukcu believes an important problem is the misuse of religion and culture to justify abusing women on grounds of “honor” which invariably means men’s feelings being angered. Besir Atalay, Minister of the Interior and Ms. Cubukcu are initiating a new program to train about 40,000 Turkish police in strategies of dealing with domestic violence.

As Ms. Cubukcu correctly points out, domestic violence is not a “Muslim issue,” it is one found in virtually all religions in the world. There are men who will justify violent behavior on religious or cultural grounds in just about any religion.

Domestic Violence Against Women On Rise In China

According to evidence compiled by the All China Women’s Federation (ACWF) there has been a significant rise in the number of complaints filed by women regarding being abused by their spouse. Just in the past year, the number increased by 70% and now is at a level of about 50,000 complaints per years. “This increase indicates that domestic violence is widespread in China and women’s awareness of safeguarding their rights and interests has been improved with reinforced publicity by relevant institutions,” notes the ACWF. As the Chinese government ceases to restrict the publication of such information, more and more women are becoming aware they have a right to file complaints. A major problem undoubtedly stems from the financial inability of women to defend their rights. The number of domestic violent complaints is about 11.6% in rural areas, but that rises to 13.5% once those women move to an urban area. The rise is probably due to greater financial ability of women to file for divorce as well as being able to gain information about the issue.