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Bush Double Standards Create Chaos In Middle East

In a biting editorial, the Lebanon Daily Star tore into George Bush for making Turkey pay the price of American disorganization and mismanagement in the Middle East. His double standards reflect an hypocrisy which results in the world gazing in amusement at the twists and turns of the Bush Doctrine. He complains about failures of the Syrian and Iranian governments to police their borders and prevent militants from crossing over when American and Iraqi forces are unable to police the Kurdistan border with Turkey. Bush was warned by just about every Middle Eastern expert prior to invading Iraq that such action would create a pandora’s box of problems in Kurdistan, but the arrogant president charged along into chaos. The attacks and killing of Turkish soldiers are a result of America’s invasion of Iraq. But, President Bush and Secretary of State Rice continually urge the Turkish government to avoid acting emotionally, and to rely on diplomatic negotiations and the Un to resolve the problem. How are Turks to take this advice from a man who allowed his emotions and anger to launch an invasion without allowing the UN to continue its diplomatic efforts? The Lebanon Daily Star points out the ongoing double standard: “While america encouraged Israel to destroy Lebanon after the Hizbullah captured two of the Jewish state’s troops and killed eight others in July, 2006, it has pressured Turkey to show restraint after losing dozens of soldiers in the past few weeks and thousands since the mid-1980s.”

The editor also notes how America fails to use the good offices of other nations when it comes to issues it regards as major. “Perhaps, most importantly, Turkey is a natural(but woefully under-utilized) conduit to Tehran” that America has failed to draw upon because its own jingoistic attitudes preclude seeking assistance from anyone who does not share the world view of George Bush.