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Shame Of Israel–Man Of Peace Family Killed!

Many people in Israel are cheering the victory of their soldiers in halting rocket attacks from Hamas, but those individuals will have to live with their own consciences in explaining why so many innocent people in Gaza have been killed by Israeli bombs. Dr. Izz el-Deen Aboul Aish is a gynaecologist working at Israel’s Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv. He was working in Gaza caring for wounded Gaza civilians and reporting via telephone to colleagues in Israel about the situation in Gaza. On Friday evening as he prepared for a live interview with Channel 10, they heard his anguish cries as Israeli shells hit his home and killed three of his daughters and sent one to the hospital with shrapnel in her eye. “My daughters, they killed them, Oh Lord, God,God, God.” The Israel army claims there was a sniper on the roof but Dr. Aooul Aish says there was no one there, that no one was firing from his rooftop.

Dr. Aish did his residency in an Israel hospital and refused to allow Hamas to use his home for firing weapons. His children have been killed. The Israel army can argue there was a sniper, but no care was taken to avoid killing innocent civilians. The nation of Israel’s behavior in Gaza violates every principle of the Jewish religion which respects human dignity. The people of Israel may have halted rocket attacks, but was it worth the lives of over 500 innocent civilians including hundreds of children? Is this what Israel has become- a nation that is willing to kill hundreds in the name of “security.” I wonder how many Israel citizens tonight can sleep peacefully.

It would be a wonderful message if Israel citizens honored the work and dignity of Dr. Aish by building a new hospital in Gaza that was staffed by Israelis.

What price salvation now??