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How To Deal With Neo-Nazis?

The month of February in Germany has become a cause for renewed conflict between neo-Nazis groups and anti-Nazis groups as each attempts to outdo the other in bringing out crowds to remember the Allied bombing of Dresden on February 14-15 in 1945. Anti Nazis groups have fallen into the trap of the numbers game which compels them to claim “victory” or “defeat” based on the number of people who flock to the streets of Dresden. Neo-Nazis seek to claim the bombing is evidence that Allied forces were “just as brutal” as the Nazis since at least 25,000 people died in the bombing raid. Actually, at this point in time, the German education system does an outstanding job in educating children about World War II and the Holocaust so Germans do not have to excuse themselves for failing to recognize what happened in the war.

German planes initiated the bombing of cities by wiping out Warsaw and Amsterdam in 1939-1940 and then proceeded for months to bomb English cities which led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Once anger is unleashed there is no stopping the murderous rage which can result and nations seek to inflict on the enemy what was done to their civilians. Is this justified? I don’t know. It is understandable. War stinks. However, to compare a bombing raid, as devastating as it was, with the Holocaust is insulting to the memory of those who died in death camps. British and American commanders wanted to inflict death, destruction and damage on Germany, but there was no plan to systematically kill every single German.

Neo Nazis And Dresden Bombing

Over sixty years ago as World War II was drawing to a close in Europe, British and American bombers hit the city of Dresden in an attack that was devastating. A combination of faulty communications and fires led to the death of at least 25,000 civilians. Neo Nazis groups in Dresden marched to commemorate the bombing in protests that included references to the “bombing Holocaust.” War is hell. Millions of innocent people died in Europe, the vast majority at the hands of Nazis that neo-Nazis adore and worship. It is fascinating that neo-Nazis march to show their anger at the Dresden bombing which killed 25,000 but refuse to acknowledge the death of 6,000,000 Jews and millions of other people.

One can argue about the bombing of Dresden and whether it was necessary or justifiable, but to do so one must place the bombing in an historical context. The German neo-Nazis completely ignore the thousands of British civilians who died as a result of German bombing or the first major city bombings of Warsaw and Amsterdam by German planes. Too often, Germans bemoan the Allied bombing and ignore what lead up to such air attacks.